I could feel the change from hand to hand. Angela's hand cold as ice and bony due to all the plastic surgery. His, warm despite his intentions and large enough to fit my whole hand. I knew I couldn't let on that I knew it was him, but I badly wanted to just to see his reaction. It was then that he decided to play with me. Teasing me and tricking me into being scared of him and what he could do. And I was, petrified even but somehow I knew that he couldn't kill me not just because I couldn't be killed (which I can by the way) but because we understand each other both alone and looking for answers. Of course no one would ever know how I feel because I will never say it aloud. Ever. As he held me up against the wall he bargained my father's life for my grandmothers. He knew which one I would chose even without telepathy. So he let me go and I ran.

I ran as fast as I could I knew my father was in danger but in the back of mind I couldn't wait to him again. He was a monster and a villain. But his methods made him different he wasn't just a villain he was a serial killer my serial killer. As I got closer I could feel the building get hotter something was wrong. And there locked in a level five cell were my mother and stepfather. The adrenaline pumping through her body, her powers out of control and my father in there with her, what do I do? Break the glass. Whose bright idea was that, oh yeah, mine.

I could see my grandmother assessing and manipulating the situation, dragging it out as long as she could. I could feel her eyes on me just forcing me to put the knife through his neck. I tried, I really did but I couldn't. And then he turned around and I was up against the wall again. Well well well Claire what do we have here guess your not the stone cold killer after all, well I guess its just lucky that one of us is He killed my grandmother. I didn't care. Though if he laid a hand on my father I would hunt him down and kill him. Maybe I was a monster same as him.

Why did you pause Claire. I didn't. I can tell when you're lying. Oh. Why did you pause? Because I err I um. Claire Bear where the hell are u. I hear daddy calling who knows what he might find when he gets here. I can't die remember. Oh no its not you I'm talking about. That's when it hit me all those things id thought would have to come out sooner than later oh no.

I can't, I don't want you dead. And why might that be Claire. Because, becauseā€¦ the grip around my neck got tighter and I felt like I was drowning. I haven't got all day and by the looks of things neither have you. I, You get me, you understand me and why I'm here. Why I'm on this godforsaken planet. We both want answers from the same question and one question only, what does it mean to be human.

His grip slackened and I could see his eyes go from midnight black to chocolate brown. And then I knew the answer to my question. Love, makes us human.

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