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Summary: It was dark, but she knew not to fear the darkness anymore.

Title: Fear of the dark

Genre: friendship/slight romance

Prompt: 032 - darkness

Pairings: Could be who ever you want... but I say Grace and Josh

Rating: T

Archives: none

Warnings/Spoilers: none

Ever since she was a kid, she could remember fearing the darkness. She had seen much in her life that she started to think it would take over, and she would never see the light again. No one her age had seen as much darkness as her. No one like her, had been surrounded by this much darkness. And that's what hurt her the most. She was surrounded by this darkness, and had no chance to escape. That was, until she met him.

He made her smile and laugh. He made her belief in the light once more. He made everything seem ok. He made it seem like there was no darknessā€¦ only light.

Falling asleep now without a light was easy. She would fall asleep in his arms, and feel safe, warm and happy. She would know that there was an escape from the darkness. And he was the answer.

She was no longer afraid of the darkness.