A/N: I was depressed this afternoon and decided to write this... it doesn't really make any sense... or, well, maybe it does. You decide. Umm... I guess it will be Grace/Josh pairing - the best couple ever. Grace will be missed, but I'm sure I'll like the character of Shannon... Enjoy!

Prompt was Fear, from the challange I was supossed to be doing with my friends, who are more like ex-friends or whatever at the moment.

It was fear, which made them who they were today. It was fear, that ruled their lives, dictated what they did. And it was fear they would live in, for the rest of their lives. For, it was the fear of getting caught that made the rules for them.

No kissing or showing affection in public, no sleeping around in their own homes, especially, if he was home.

Though they lived in fear, they had never had more fun or more excitement in their entire lives. Their lives were not only ruled by fear, but by emotions as well.