A/N: I love Roy just as much as you, but if Ed's not out of his mind with pain and self-pity, how's he going to trust Envy? I hope it'll continue into a full-fledged fic, instead of just a oneshot, but we'll see. How do people figure out how to write lemons? This story is very lacking vitamin C. T-T Help, please?

Tears and Rain:

Ed cried out in pain, tears in his eyes. His body was reacting, even as he bled, but his mind, heart, and soul were screaming. Lips brushed his ear as a deep, amused voice said,

"Turn in your reports on time, shrimp, and you won't suffer." Ed stifled a sob, and nodded. The heavy presence above him drew away, and he shivered on the floor. He was bloody, naked, cold, and scarred, and everything hurt, but what hurt the most was his heart. There was a time that he'd trusted his superior officer with his life, but then he'd turned into this… monster. Ed had no idea how it'd happened. Outwardly, in public the Flame Alchemist seemed no different, still as amused and suave as ever, but Ed knew him to be a monster, who abused his power and didn't care a bit for the young alchemist, except as a fuck toy.

Ed dragged his body up painfully and slowly inched his clothes on, careful not to jostle any of the bruises or his painfully abused lower area. He pulled his cloak tightly around him and limped from the office. The hallways were deserted; it was too late at night, or rather, early in the morning, for even the biggest bookworms and workaholics to be there yet. Outside, the sky was pitch dark, with no moon illuminating it, and rain poured in heavy sheets from the sky.

He didn't consciously make the decision to go to the library, but that's where he went. It was old, dilapidated, and nearly abandoned, but it was huge, and one of the tallest, emptiest buildings in Central. He climbed to the roof and sat, dangling his legs over the edge. The pain from sitting seared like fire through his body, and he submerged himself in it. This is what I get, he thought. But he couldn't do anything about it. He wasn't strong enough to stop Mustang, and he certainly wasn't going to tell anyone. That would make him look weak. And although he looked weaker by allowing it to continue, he couldn't swallow his damned pride, and go tell someone. Even if he could, no one would believe him.

Tears stained his cheeks, and mingled with the rain pounding down him. His body was coursing with pain, but his mind didn't recognize it from the burning pain of his heart, making a dull, numb sensation flow over his body.

Envy was heading to the library. No, he wasn't actually going to read, but he liked to sit on the roof and watch the city. He was in a wonderful, lazy mood; he'd killed someone that morning, and the bloodlust had subsided, then he'd had chocolate and his sugar high had come and gone, leaving him lazy, content, and agreeable. When he got there, he spotted a dark silhouette huddled in his spot. He strode closer, wondering if he should shove the person off the roof, just for fun. Then suddenly he stopped short. Was that… ED!? He saw tear tracks down his face, and for some reason felt a twist of his heart. Wait, what? He loathed Ed. But somehow, looking at that numb, sick of life face, he suddenly had the urge to drag him from the edge of the roof, instead of shoving him over. He strode forward quickly.

"Chibi-chan? What's wrong?" Ed didn't even look around at Envy's voice.

"Nothing. Are you here to kill me, Envy?" His voice was weak, wavering, and thick with tears.

"Never. Why are you crying?" Envy knelt down next to Ed. He was ready to get his feet and attack in a second, even if the fall wouldn't kill him.

"It's just the rain," said Ed unconvincingly. Envy snorted softly and brought his hand up to brush the tears off Ed's face. He didn't know what he was doing. And rightly, he didn't care. He was feeling merciful, and comforting his worst enemy in the rain on the roof of a seven story building that might collapse at any minute… well there were many worse ways he could think of spending the time. Ed didn't even flinch at his touch. His mind was going rightly numb, and he wasn't sure who he could trust, but what did it matter? He'd trusted Mustang, and look where it had gotten him. He leaned into Envy's touch. In the best case, it would be good comfort. In the worst case, the sin would choose the same course as Mustang. In the middle, Envy would kill him. None of those options seemed too bad. Even if Envy raped him until he couldn't move, how different would it be from what Mustang would do tomorrow, or not until the day after, if he was lucky. Right now, even death seemed like a welcome option. He threw his caution off the roof, and went with the flow.

He leaned into Envy's hand, and the sin wrapped his arms around him.

"What happened, chibi-chan?" he wanted to know. Ed opened and closed his mouth a few times, then burst into uncontrollable, racking sobs, clutching Envy's shirt. Envy just held on. He was confused, but something about the chibi being so desperate… so open, was appealing. For the first time, Envy felt comfortable with someone else, without that little voice saying to stay on his guard. The chibi's sobs subsided, and he leaned into Envy's embrace. The homunculus closed his eyes with his chin resting atop the chibi's wet blond hair, and they sat in silence, with the rain pounding around them, the night hot and humid. The pain was fading from Ed's wounded heart, and warmth was blooming in Envy's dead one.