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Saya was bored, there was nothing to do aboard the red shield ship , haji had disappeared and well she was bored , everyone had retired for the night and now ,glancing at the clock on her bedside table, it was nearly midnight and the light of the full moon bathed her room . she began to get restless she felt a familiar ache in her throat which signalled that she needed blood , she was feeling weak because she had kept putting it off and haji had given her the same disapproving stare every time she had refused to drink his .

She could feel him watching her every move, ever since they had rejoined red shield after her two year absence after the failed fight on the ship against diva. Since then she had remembered every thing, who she was, her past and what her purpose was, but most importantly her love for haji, although she hadn't told him she remembered , although she new she was being cruel , she couldn't help it because she was scared , scared of losing him , it hurt her so much to keep her feelings from him , but in her mind it was the best thing to do for now .

saya turned over onto her other side and sighed it was impossible to sleep the ache in her throat was to insistent and was giving her no peace , she sat up and climbed off the bed to stand up , she walked over to the small mirror and looked into it , her eyes where glowing a bright red and where slightly slanted , her fangs where peeking slightly over her full bottom lip , she glanced away determined not to look at herself like this and walked over to her door , wanting to get some air , she lifted the hatch and stepped out into the ships hallway and made her way to the stairs which led to the ships upper deck .

As she climbed the stairs a faint breeze softly stirred her hair and carried to her the sound of a cello playing, she immediately recognized the tune, it was the tune of her favourite song, and she knew instantly who was playing it "haji" the name passed her lips as a whisper. She made her way up the stairs and onto the deck, following the sound of the cello, it gradually got louder .

Then she saw him, perched on top of a crate cradling the cello between his legs and softly almost teasingly coaxing the tune out of the cello. he gave no sign that he had heard her approach and carried on playing , the light of the full moon bathed him on a soft almost glowing light and for a moment saya lost her breath , he looked stunning , his silky black hair was undone from its normal ponytail and instead fluttered softly around his face lightly dancing in the breeze.

Then he reached the end of the song , slowly he put his cello down and turned to look at her standing in front of the closed door , his eyes travelled down and up her body , she looked down at her self and blushed a slight pink realising what she was wearing , a short white night gown with a blue ribbon running under her bust , with pink roses sewn along the .

Then he looked at her face and into her brightly glowing red eyes, his own eyes narrowed ever so slightly in disapproval and hardened in resolution at what he was about to do. He knew she needed blood but was to stubborn to drink it until the pain became to unbearable , he had only seen her like that once and it was a sight he was determined never to see again , he knew from the look on her face that she knew he was about to do something and her body posture had slightly straightened , but had not gone into a defensive stance ,obviously she was confident that he as her chevalier would not have the guts to make her do anything .

Oh how wrong she was. He turned his body away from her and bent down to his cello case , he heard her realise a breath , hmmm she thought he had given up , well he was about to prove her wrong , as he reached for his cello he instead grabbed a dagger and sliced his chiropteran hand , and before she could get the chance to smell his blood he raised his hand to his mouth and sucked , when he had a large mouth full of his blood he turned back to her and was before her , before she could even blink in surprise , quickly he grabbed her round the waist and pressed his mouth to hers in a kiss , his other hand came up and held her head to his as she tried to pull away , haji realised her mouth wasn't going to open on it's own so he came up with a plan . He lowered there bodies to the floor and pinned her down with his body, with one of his hands now free he …..

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