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Warning this fic contains a dominant haji and slight bondage. If you no likey then you no ready. ^^

He trailed his hand down her side until he reached the hem of her nightgown; with a slow movement upwards haji slid the soft martial from around her knees up towards her hips. Saya jerked at the sensation of his hot palm against her skin as it slid upwards and along the outside of her thigh and let out a shiver and a slight moan. Haji smirked against her lips hearing the sound, he loved getting her worked up, but this time it wasn't just in the pursuit of pleasure, he needed to make her feed. And he had a plan. Haji slipped his tongue from between his lips and swiped it across her full bottom lip.

Determined to keep her mouth closed Saya bucked her hips to try and jostle haji away from her but it was no use, haji having predicted this move took his hand that was tracing the outline of her panties and held her hips to the ground so she couldn't move them no matter the amount of squirming on her part and with each move her nightgown slid further and further up her waist exposing her to the cold air.

With a start Saya felt the coldness of the metal against her ass and squirmed up towards haji to try and escape the sudden sensation. Haji sifted, with all her squirming against him he could feel himself hardening in his pants and the roughness of the cotton against his hardening cock wasn't helping matters. He needed to open her mouth so she could drink his blood and then he could fully indulge them in pleasure.

Moving his legs haji moved so he was straddling her and pinned her hips down between his legs so she couldn't move. With the change in position Saya remembered the use of her arms and straight away lifted them from her side to push against haji's chest expecting him to fall away from her. But, she realised in dismay, at this moment in time haji was stronger than her, for she hadn't fed in quite a while and it made her weak.

Haji feeling her arms push against him growled deep in his chest, says hearing the sound stilled her attempts at the sudden flash of heat in her stomach and shivered.

Haji taking the opportunity slipped the arm that had been holding her hips down around to her back so that his arm was beneath her and slipped it under her ass, pressing against her to raise her hips so he had better access. And with out a moments notice pinched her hard on the ass between his too fingers. With the sudden pain Saya squealed and opened her lips to noise her protest.

Haji immediately seeing his opportunity slipped his tongue between her lips and pushed the blood into her mouth stoking against her tongue and rubbing against her fangs. Saya froze as the seductive liquid worked its way down her throat like liquid fire, raging through her veins and satisfying her hunger. Haji's movements never ceased and with each caress of his tongue against hers it felt like instead of her mouth he was working on another very sensitive area and the fire that had been raging through her body all seemed to concentrate in one place.

As the last of the blood drained from his mouth and into saya's haji had a flash back to the last time he had to feed her like this, she had turned wild , he remembered he was hard pressed to satisfy her lust and , he thought hotly, she destroyed all their clothes and most of the area around them. He couldn't let her do that this time as they where on a ship and he didn't want to be the on to explain to red shield that they had destroyed the deck of there ship having extremely rough sex.

He had to work fast, it didn't take Saya long to recover from the shock of his blood entering her system and if her remembered correctly, he had about a minute.

Moving fast haji got off her and raced to his cello case. After he had opened the compartment containing her sword he flipped another switch and watched in dark satisfaction as the contents of the second compartment where revealed. Reaching in he lifted three cords of synthetic leather that had been specially made to withstand saya's extraordinary strength, for when she went berserk of was too far into her lust to take care of her surroundings haji bound her wrists so she couldn't destroy anything, it was something they had both agreed on after the certain incident in France over 62 years ago

He thought back to it and shuddered in desire. that had been a truly satisfying encounter.

Moving back to her side he could hear Saya making small whimpers as the blood worked its way through her system heating her body and making her sensitive to the slighted touch. This was his favourite phase of the blood giving. She was so vulnerable, defenceless and sensitive to his every touch. And it wasn't often that she surrendered to him so completely like this and he intended to make the most of it. Saya had told him before after and encounter like this that she loved the way he played her body and made her submit to him, he remembered her adorable blush that had flamed her cheeks when she had told him so , and it made him smile tenderly at her as she became more aware and started to shift around.

Kneeling down her gathered her wrists in one of his hands and bound them together with the cords making sure she wouldn't be able to escape them, next he raised her arms above her head and pinned her wrists to the deck of the ship with one of his daggers, working it far enough into the floor that it wouldn't move when she was lost in the moment of passion and tried to clutch herself to him.

As haji worked above her Saya felt her body become extremely sensitive to the touch and with each shift haji made above her she felt the slightly rough material of her nightgown rasp against her nipples , sending shivers down her spine and making her arch her back in response to the pleasurable sensation.

Haji felt her arch her back and sat back on his heels to watch her for a moment. His darkening gaze lightened on what had made her move. He could see her rosy nipples hardening against her nightgown as it rasped against her. Haji smirked, it was time to remove the bothersome garment, as much as he liked it on her, he was ready to play.

Saya opened her eyes and watched as haji straddled her once again and went to move her arms to reach up to him. Eyes widening she realized she couldn't move them and tried tugging at her bonds. Hearing a low chuckle above her she snapped her gaze to look into his eyes. "Tis no use my little Saya you wont be able to move them, im afraid while you where enjoying yourself I took the liberty to tie you down. We both know what happened last time I let you free." Haji said darkly bending down to whisper the words in her ear. "B-b-but h-h aHji …" Saya bit off in cry as haji slipped his hands underneath her nightgown and swiped his fingers across her pebbled nipples making her cry out and his sudden touch and arch her back again pressing herself into his fingers.

"Yes Saya my dear you where saying something" he chuckled darkly as his fingers drew circles around her nipples quickly teasing her nipples into points. " this my dear has got to go, its hiding your delicious body from my gaze" he said slipping his hands from her breasts and to the bottom of the nightgown , slowly teasing it up her torso making sure to drag it across her delightful breast " ah...ha. ..Nngh" Saya moaned the friction against her nipples becoming too much for her to handle keeping silent. Hearing her moan haji grinned and quickly moved the nightgown above her head so it was resting against her bound wrists leaving her bared to his gaze. The only thing now adorning her body was the white lace panties that where barely still on her hips.

Haji licked his lips and watched as saya's body became even more aroused. What he was going to do next was going to rock her world….

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