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Marvelous Monday

Cross Academy, Yuuki's Class, 12:00 p.m.

English class was in session, and everyone was taking notes,well, not everyone. Zero had opted to take a 'small nap'.
Whereas Yuuki had decided it was time for lunch. The teacher was explaining the lesson, Yuuki was munching on some cheetos.
Might I remind you, that cheetos were extremely crunchy and loud.

When the teacher had paused to check the time, the only thing heard was 'crunch crunch'.
That was when everybody,except Zero who was in lala land, turned around to look at her.
Yuuki had her feet propped on the desk with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying her delicous snack.

That's when the teacher noticed her.
''Cross Yuuki! Just because you are the chairman's daughter does not mean that you can sit around eating cheetos like it's no one's business!"

The teacher was clearly angry, as Yuuki had been doing this for quite awhile now.

"It isn't anyone's business," Yuuki opened her eyes.
"Just because people are curious doesn't mean they can start getting nosy."

Yuuki smirked. This just made the teacher angrier.
"Alright! you and Kiryuu can just head over to the headmaster's office!"

That's when Zero opened his eyes.
"What's with all the shouting? Can't you see me trying to get some sleep over here? Sheesh man, learn some freaking manners why dontcha?"
He closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Right when the teacher was about to say something to him, Zero fell off his chair and fell on the ground.
"Shit." Murmured Zero.

"Wow, this is the most boot-leg class ever."
Came Yuuki's voice.
''I mean gosh, learn how to control your kids or something."
She crumpled up the cheetos bag and threw it at the teacher.
The bag hit his head.

"I think that maybe you should learn how to get up and throw away your trash!" Came the teacher's voice.
"Well I think that maybe you should learn how to catch."
"That's it! Supplementary classes for both you and Zero! and, you'll have to clean the room too!"

And that's how Kaname found Yuuki, moping the classroom floors, while Zero was cleaning the desks.
Poor, poor Yuuki.