Final chapter of Fun-Filled Week. I was thinking, maybe I should do a sequel? I was thinking either 'Fun-Filled Summer' or 'Fun-Filled Winter'?
I already have ideas for either of them,but the idea of them on a mountain and skiing makes my head laugh it off with evil things.
So you decide. Fun-Filled Summer or Winter? ;)
Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. *Mumbles incoherent profanities*

Strange Sunday

Cross Academy, Moon Dorms, 2:35 a.m.

Kaname was holding a party for the beginning of the spring term.
Everyone who was a vampire had to attend. Everyone.
So by now, you should've imagined Zero in a corner, bullshitting with everyone around him.

He was out-of-control bored. He kept tripping everyone and kicking them.
He even tried pulling off some girl's earrings and running away, but that didn't go to well.

Kaname was sitting on a loveseat across from him with Yuuki, who was nearly drunk.
What the hell is with her and getting drunk? She just keeps doing it, and doing it.
Wonder why Kaname hasn't said anything? It's a faster way to get her in bed. ;)

"Yuuki-" Kaname started.
"KANAME'S A GAY WHORE." shouted Zero in the background.

All eyes turned to him, just to find him sitting back on a chair with a beer bottle in hand.
Then he just played it off like nothing happened.


The eyes started to burn red at him, but he just acted innocent.
Yuuki was like, so clueless as to why he was doing this.
Kaname just sat back and tried counting to ten not wanting to lose his composure.

"What. The. Fuck. Man." Kaname was po'd.
"It's too early in the morning for your crap."
"Zero, where do you come from with this?" asked Yuuki.
"Kansas. I came from Kansas, Yuuki." Zero said with a serious tone.
"Where is this 'Kens-ass' you speak of?"
"So when did you go to America?"
"What di?"

"..." Yuuki was staring at Zero, eyebrow raised.

"I think you've had one to many, Zero."
"NO I HAVEN'T!" He stood up, trying to defend himself, but just sumbled back on the chair.
"Zero," Yuuki said sweetly, "Are you pregnant?"
"Are you throwing a bitch fit?"
"Cuz, I really think it could be a bitch fit."

Zero ran out with tears in his eyes, cursing at the world.

"Phew. Finally. He was driving me nuts." Yuuki said as she put her head on Kaname's shoulder's.
Everyone just stared at her in fright. If she could cause Zero to have a mental breakdown,
then who knew what else she could do? Well, some of them knew, due to the boredness in her.

"What di?"