AN: So this is my first NCIS fic. I dabble around in other shows, so we'll see how this goes. R and R please.

"I'm looking for officer David."

"That way," a helpful young agent pointed the man in the right directions. He didn't notice that the man wasn't wearing a visitor's badge or identification card of any kind. He didn't see him pull a gun from behind his back.

"Ziva! Down!" Ziva looked up from standing next to McGee's desk only to see Tony a split second before he crashed into her. They slammed to the floor as the gunshots started. Screams erupted from all around them and they could hear other agents scrambling to help. Ziva and Tony scrambled around the cubicle wall just as bullets pelted exactly where their heads had been a second earlier.

Ziva pulled her gun from her waist and peeked around the wall. She let off a few shots before yanking her head back.

"Tony! Where is your gun?" she yelled over the bullets and chaos.

"I dropped it!" Tony yelled back.

"Why did you do that?" Ziva yelled.

"Well I'm sorry, I was sorta busy saving your life!"

Ziva rolled her eyes and reached around the wall again. The tall man brandished his gun in their direction but before he could shoot again, Ziva shot him twice in the chest. He fell to his knees, gurgling blood. Ziva and Tony ran to him, Tony picking up his gun on the way and checking around for more assailants. Ziva crouched next to the man while Tony stood slightly higher, scanning for danger. Most of the personnel had evacuated, and since it was a weekend there weren't as many agents around as normal.

"Who are you?" Ziva asked. The man just moaned. Ziva punched on of the holes on the left of his chest. He yelped.

"Not…me…" he managed to get out.

"Who then? Who sent you!" Ziva yelled. His eyes fluttered closed as he stopped breathing. Ziva sat back on her heels, disgusted, then looked up at Tony. McGee's head popped up from under his desk, where he had been when the commotion started Gibbs came charging in with at least ten others, all with guns raised.

"DiNozzo! What happened!?" Gibbs yelled.

"This guy came in, gun blazing, aiming for Ziva," Tony said.

"Who was he?"

"Don't know, Boss," Tony answered.

"Why does he want David dead?"

"Don't know that either, Boss."

"Well get on that DiNozzo. McGee! Call Ducky, tell him we got a body for him," Gibbs ordered. Ziva rifled through the dead man's pockets.

"No ID," she announced.

"Figures," Gibbs said. "Ziva, write down the names of anyone who has anything against you."

"That is going to be a pretty long list, Gibbs," Ziva said.

"Do it anyways!"

Ducky walked in. "Is anyone hurt?" he asked immediately.

"No Ducky, just our visitor here," Gibbs said, motioning to the dead man.

"Oh thank god," Ducky sighed. "Well I'll get your results as soon as I can."

"Ziva…" Tony said slowly. "Are you ok?"

"Yes," Ziva said. "Why?"

"Well you're bleeding all over your clothes," Tony said. He pulled his jacket off and pressed it against her bleeding shoulder. Ziva looked down and saw the blood and the pain hit her.

"Damn it," Ziva muttered.