A/N So I really couldn't decide how I wanted this to end, that's why it took so long to get this posted. This is the final chapter, tell me what you think.

Ziva groaned as she regained consciousness. She felt ropes tight around her wrists and found the urge to struggle, knowing it would only make things worse. She moved her jaw and it was stiff. It'd blossom into a hell of a bruise. She moved her fingers and froze when they brushed someone else's hand.

"Urgh," a voice groaned. "Ziva, it's me." Tony's voice sounded thick, as if he was trying to talk through liquid. He spat blood out of his mouth, annoyed. The King strutted, circling around Ziva until he stood in front of Tony.

"Ms. David, you shouldn't have brought him into this, all he has left to do now is die. We just need you, not him," he said, then grinned. "Though my men haven't had a woman in a long time. Maybe I'll let them in to…do as they please."

Ziva felt Tony jerk on the chair he was tied to. King backhanded him casually and laughed. "Oh, he doesn't like the sound of that, does he?"

"Did you do it?" Ziva asked.

"Do what?" King asked her.

"Set your soldiers loose on my sister before you killed her?" The King appraised Ziva before answering.

"No. I did not," he said. His answer startled her.


"Because this," he said, waving a hand in her direction. "This is personal. She was just business." Ziva felt Tony squeeze her hand with his and pull back before The King noticed.

Ziva took a mental inventory of her body before cursing softly. They'd found every weapon she had had stashed on her body, and the bonds on her wrists were tight and professional. Ziva sighed and leaned her head back, zoning out from what the King was saying. She was jerked back to reality at the sound of Tony's grunt as a fist connected with is face.

"I asked you a question, David," King said. He circled Tony and Ziva, pulled a frighteningly long blade when he was in front of her. "I'm going to cut him up now, maybe that will loosen your tongue." He stood in front of Tony and Ziva saw his shadow ready to slice into Tony's chest.

"No!" she yelled before she could stop herself. King smiled wickedly.

"So are you ready to speak to me, Ms. David?" he asked.

"What do you want to know?" Ziva gritted out.

"I need your assistance in procuring a few little bombs."

"I do not have access to bombs!" Ziva yelled angrily. "We are a criminal investigative unit. We. Do. Not. Deal. With. BOMBS!"

"But you could," the King said.

"No, I could not! I do not have access! It is a totally different program! You are an idiot! Did you research your marks at all? Did you look into anything NCIS actually does? You are the most pathetic terrorists I've ever come across!" Before Ziva could finish what was sure to be an epic chewing-out session, sounds of gunfire erupted from outside the restaurant. King snapped his head up to the noise. He barked out an order at the soldiers around him and they flooded towards the entrance.

The King knelt in front of Ziva and hissed in her face, "What have you done?" Ziva just glared, refusing to back down. He growled and raised the knife above his head. She raised her chin, defiantly. If she was going to die, she refused to go cowering and begging for her life.

He bared his teeth, ready to strike, when the top of his head was blown off. Ziva closed her eyes against the spray of blood and brains. She blinked them open to se Gibbs, McGee, and a number of other agents spreading out, covering them. Gibbs leaned over, untying them.

"Ziva, Tony," he said.



"Next time I tell you to wait for backup, wait for the damn backup!" he yelled. They both nodded mutely. Ziva stood and walked slowly to the King's lifeless body. She knelt next to him, staring. Tony stood behind her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. She reached back and put her hand around his, too emotionally exhausted to care if people saw.

"It is over?" she asked quietly, so only Tony could hear.

"It's over," he confirmed, squeezing her shoulder. Ziva nodded and stood. She walked out of the restaurant, never looking back.


Two weeks later, life was more or less back to normal. Ziva had healed enough to come back to work. She was still ignoring calls from her father, finally blocking his number. When she started receiving calls from him from different numbers, Tony bought her a cell phone under the name "Lisa Darren" to avoid the calls.

Gibbs, McGee, Ducky and Abby decided to ignore the looks Ziva and Tony shared when they believe no one was watching. They spent the majority of their nights at each others' homes, preferring the company of each other over being alone.

Tony lay in his bed, blue sheets tangled around his waist. Ziva's bare back was pressed to his chest, his right arm clutched her to him with his hand around her waist. His other arm propped up his head. Tony raked his eyes down Ziva's sleeping form pressed firmly into his body. He grinned as she unconsciously moved closer to him.

This, this was exactly what he wanted, why he couldn't make it work with ant other woman; he hadn't yet found her. And once he had, no one else was good enough, they didn't even come close. They didn't posses the spark that made her Ziva.

Ziva stirred as the early morning light spilled through Tony's window and onto her face. Tony mentally cursed himself for not closing the drapes the night before. She turned in his arms, pressing her face to his chest. He ran his hand down the bare skin of her ribs and hips. Ziva turned her dark eyes up to him, a heated look filling her face.

"Is this what you want, Tony?" she asked huskily. Tony grinned in response and moved his lips against hers. They drew back, remembering the human need to breathe, laughing.

"See Ziva, I knew you loved me," Tony said playfully.

Ziva smiled her I-am-thinking-Ziva-thoughts smile. "Nuh uh, I believe I knew that YOU loved ME, remember? You did not notice for years."

Tony shrugged. "Semantics," he said, pulling her impossibly closer for a kiss. "does it really make a difference?"

"Of course not," she mumbled against his lips. "Because I knew first."