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The Necklace

The necklace had been driving him crazy for days.

Doumijou Tsukasa stared at the Saturn pendant dangling from a dainty gold chain wrapped around his fingers. He had said it was ugly, yes, before that girl threw it in his face, but…that wasn't quite true. It was gold; a very expensive piece of jewelry for such a poor girl to be wearing.


Why was that so strangely familiar?

His fingers tightened on the chain as he recalled once more the look—the utterly crushed, hopelessness—on her face and the tears that had dripped from her dark eyes. It wasn't right—and yet he didn't have a clue why that was. Something about that girl just seemed to set his teeth on edge.

Tsukasa had tried several times over the past few days to throw the necklace away, but something stayed his hand every time. He couldn't explain it, and yet that same something—instinct, perhaps—told him this necklace was important. It was somehow connected to the gnawing gap in his memory.

And so he kept it tucked away in his pocket, where his hand frequently strayed to pull it out for him to puzzle over it.

The necklace was in his pocket when he dashed out into the blizzard to rescue Makino Tsukushi, though he couldn't explain that either.

It was only when he found himself shivering on the floor of that little cabin, his head resting on the girl's lap, that the pieces fell into place. Like a cloud had rolled back inside his head, he remembered.

He remembered her.

He remembered the necklace.

He'd had it specifically made for her and he had given it to her right before he left for New York. She'd later given it back to him and he distinctively remembered chucking it into the river. He'd thought it gone forever, which hadn't bothered him much at the time because he'd been too upset over the thought of Makino being gone forever.

A surge of pure joy bubbled up inside Tsukasa. For him to have the necklace meant that she had fished it out of the river as soon as he left. More proof she cared.

"I remember this," he said softly, withdrawing the necklace from his pocket. "Although you were the one who retrieved it from the river," he added. He watched her bite her lip and duck her head, and couldn't help smiling. Then he struggled to sit up. The mystery of the necklace was solved.

Tsukasa knew where it belonged now—right around Makino Tsukushi's slender throat.

And though she was crying again, he knew this time they were tears of joy.

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