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Preveiw of last chapter:

"How can I explain this..." she stood for a moment, looking thoughtful, but gave up when she couldn't think of a better way, "He's pregnant."


Dr. Ashley sighed. She was being blunt, and these kids just didn't get it, "Once more... Your friend, Ash Ketchem, is pregnant." she explained for like, the fifteenth time that afternoon.

"But that's impossible!" the orange-haired girl, Misty, shouted, for the fifteenth time.

Ashley was getting frustrated, "Look," she spoke firmly, "Weither or not you believe it's possible doesn't matter at this point. It's a fact."

She had basically been battling with the girl while the boys stayed silent. The taller boy spoke up for the first time since this had started, "How did this happen exactly?"

"Well, it seems that Ash here has a special condition. It occurs so infrequently that it wasn't given a scientific name. It's simply called 'male-pregnancy'." she explained, "It starts at birth. As you know, when a baby forms, it had both reproductive organs. This case is when a boy is born and his inner female parts don't fully disappear. Normally, it goes unnoticed since women don't have the same role as men. But there are those rare cases when said boy's signifigent other is another male. Then said boy runs the risk of getting pregnant."

"But aren't pregnancies... less painful?" the same boy, Brock, asked.

"Normal pregnacies for women, yes. Only birth is painful. But in the case of male-pregnancies... men aren't equiped with the right organs for carrying a child. Their bodys have to form a temperary uterus. It's apparently very painful for the male."

Ash spoke up for the first time now, "H-how does it c-come out...?" his voice wavered.

"I think it would be best if we preformed a C-Section for this. That way you won't have to worry about anything." She smiled reassuringly at the smaller boy. She didn't want to tell him that with out a C-Section the baby would most likely rip itself an exit hole. That's a little tramatizing, even for Ashley. She supressed a shudder.

Gary, who had become very introverted, noticed it. He knew she was hiding something, but he wasn't going to ask now. He was still absorbing the information.

"Um..." Ashley started, "I've been wondering... I know it's none of my buisness, but who did this to you Ash?" She mentaly smacked herself. The way that came out made it sound like it was a bad thing.

"Um..." Ash hesitated, his cheeks flaring. He had told Misty that he liked Gary, but he had yet to explain that they were actually that far in their relationship yet. As far as she knew he was merely harboring secret feeling for him, "It was..."

"Would it be easier if the others were to step out for a moment?" Ashley suggested. Ash nodded vigourously.

Misty and Brock left, but Gary stayed rooted to his seat. Ashley raised an eyebrow at him and Gary mirrored the motion. She chuckled, "I'm assuming it was, and is, you?" she asked him.

"Y-yeah..." Ash confirmed

"You've been rather silent...?"


"Gary. Are you alright with all this?"

"...It's... shocking."

Ashley nodded, "Yes, you probably never once considered being a father when you entered this relationship."

"Not exactly..."

"It's a big step, becoming a parent. Are you up for it?"

"I have a choice?"

"Well, Ash has only just formed his womb. The option of abortion is still present, but not for long."

"Why not?" Ash asked

"Now, the womb whould merely dissolve back into whence it came. Any later, when the fetus begins to form, the child has no way of exiting your body. Which is also why you have to be extra careful." Ash nodded in understanding, "But the real question is... Do you want to keep it?"

Ash thought about it. He didn't really like the idea of killing a child, especially his own. And he had always wanted to be a father, "I... wanna keep it." he placed his arms protectivly around his stomach and continued, "I... don't want to let my baby die. I wanna keep it and raise it." he looked at Gary, "Don't you think that would be good?"

Gary took a while to respond, "No... I don't."

"What!? Why!?" Ash asked, shocked

"It's a bad idea, Ash. You'll wind up the laughing stock of the town! You'll be plastered in news papers and on televison, shown as a freak! You could wind up dead because if it!" Gary yelled, "You sould get rid of it now, while you still have a chance!"

Ash flinched, "I... I don't care! I'll risk it! I'll risk everything for my child! I won't get rid of it and you can't make me!"

Misty and Brock had come back into the room now, curious about the shouting. Misty immediatly sided with Ash, "It not your place to tell him to kill it!"

"This isn't your concern!" Gary yelled at her


"Misty. Leave it." Brock said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll admit..." Ashley spoke up now, stepping between Ash and Gary, "Misty has a point. Inevitably, it comes down to you, Ash. It's in your body, so it's your choice."

"My choice..." Ash repeated slowly, eyes drifting to the floor. He looked back up at her, his eyes determined, "Is to keep it."

"Then Gary..." she turned to the boy, "You have no say in it. However, it is your choice in whether you stay with Ash and support him though this or not."

Gary was silent. Ash was going to have his baby, and there was nothing he could do to stop him. Well, for the sake of argument, there is one thing he could do to stop him... But Gary wouldn't do that. He looked at Ash. His eyes were a mixture of emotions, silently pleaing to him. Telling him that he would do anything to keep his child, even if it ment leaving him. He was fuming silently in front of them all, and after a long silence, he ran. Dodging all of them, he ran out the door at full speed. Out of the hospital and out of the town.

Ash watched as Gary ran, not even bothering to give chase. Even if he caught him, he had no words to convince him to stay. Tears silently made their way down his cheeks; Gary had rejected him. He sank to his knees, the dull 'thump' making the others look over at him. They crowded around him, telling him that it would all be okay and other comforting things, but Ash didn't really hear them. His first and only love... was gone.

~Chapter 3: End~

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