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Gary was gone. Gone from his sight, gone from his presence, gone from his life. And there wasn't any way to bring him back.

~8 months later~

Ash was in his final month of pregnancy, he'd be going for his C-section any day now. His doctor, Ashley Snagum, told him that when he felt a stabbing pain he should come in right away. Ash agreed, but he wanted Gary to be there to.

He still thought of Gary. Every day the auburn haired boy would pass through his thoughts, weather it was fleeting or long enough to make Ash cry.

To keep his mind off of his sadness, he tried to envision what his child would look like. Would it be a boy? Maybe a girl? Would she look like Ash? Or… Gary? Ash smiled sadly to himself at the thought. He would probably cry every time he looked at the poor child if he or she ended up looking like Gary. He'd have to be strong so the child wouldn't feel negatively about it.

He walked into the kitchen, his mother busy at the stove, though she dropped what she was doing to hug her son and feel his belly.

"Oh, I'm so excited about this~!" she cooed almost everyday. It wasn't exactly how she was expecting it, but she was happy none-the-less about being a grandma, "Have you been giving any thoughts to names?" she asked her son.

"Uh… I've sorta been preoccupied with something lately. I keep forgetting…" Ash explained vaguely.

The vagueness was unnecessary as Delia already knew he son's thoughts were still very full of Gary. She sighed with a smile and told him to get on that soon as she returned to the stove. Ash took his usual seat at the table and thought over what his mom said. Names were important after all.

'Hm… Boy names… Hiro, Yukito, Hitome, Shizuka, Ryo, Naoto… eh… girl names? Yuki, Ester, Yuna, Tomo, Anis-!' his thoughts were cut short as a stabbing pain ripped through his gut, "M-mom!" he struggled to speak.

Delia turned to her son and was by his side in an instant, "Sweetie are you okay!" she asked, panicked.

Ash shook his head and answered, "H-hospi… tal."

Delia's face took on realization as she stood and helped Ash to her car, which was actually borrowed from Prof. Oak. The trip to the hospital was short, due to Delia speeding, and when they got there Ashley was at his side in an instant. He was taken into a separate room which Delia couldn't enter and the operation began.

Hours later, Misty, Brock, Tracy, Prof. Oak, May, Dawn, Lyra, Max, and Pikachu were there as well when Ashley came out of the room. They all quickly gathered around the young doctor, watching her poker face for any kind of hint to Ash's well-being. She took a deep breath and sighed before saying;

"The operation was a success! Ash and his child are both fit and healthy~"

The tension in the room dissipated instantly as the women hugged each other and the men sighed in relief. Caught up in their excitement to finally be able to see Ash, only Pikachu noticed the shadow disappear from around the corner. Curiosity pulled at the yellow rodent to investigate while the nagging need to see Ash kept him still. He looked back as the humans started to go in to see Ash before he turned away and moved to the corner. No one was there. But the familiar scent that lingered made Pikachu sigh before he dashed back to the door before it shut.


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