Well it's been two days since we have seen Sensen and she's out of the infirmary. So now we are training with Suichi Sensei, while Miroku and I were training our Nin-taijutsu… Sensen was training basic taijutsu. She was hitting a moving target that was being moved by Suichi Sensei's chakra which makes it pretty hard to hit but she pretty much nailed them all, I have to admit she's fast "man, this Nin-taijutsu… is really exhausting." Miroku said.

"Tell me… about it." I huffed.

"How's it going… for you Sensen?" Miroku asked.

"It's… going… fine." She said huffing and puffing.

"You guys look tired maybe we should call it a day." said Suichi sensei

"Okay sensei." We all said.

The next morning...

I woke with a startled cry, and instead of Suichi sensei it was Miroku "what are you doing here Miroku?" I asked.

"It's Sensen… she's gone!" he said.

"I'll use the Byakugan I copied off of you and you use yours." Horse, Tiger, Boar,Rabbit,Rat, Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, Rat, Boar, Dog, Semi Tiger. "Byakugan!" we said together.

"You go that way and I'll go this way." Said Miroku. I dashed into the woods and ran into an unknown ninja.

"Take this you'll need it to find Sensen." said the mysterious ninja.

"Hey, how do you know about Sensen?" I asked.

"I know every thing about your clan and teammates, Haru Uchiha." He replied.

I stood in confusion and then I said. "Ok thanks," He handed me a scroll and a kunai. When I was about to ask him what kind of scroll it was he was gone. "Well only one way to find out, open it," when I opened it, it said to wrap the scroll around the kunai then stab it into my chest to gain the power of the mystery ninjas' clan. "Okay," I said. I quickly wrapped the kunai in the scroll and jabbed it into my chest. And when I did I saw the ninja run back towards me and before I passed out he told me to make one wish and he told me his name

"My name is Dragus Demonscale…" then everything went black in my mind I made the wish to gain the power of the Demonscale clan my wish was granted

Haru's training