"Thanks Sasuke!"

Yet another one I could help with her love problems.

You may think I'm doing it cuz I like helping people...well...*enhales*


I'm doing this cuz I lack something better to do,except everything I say to them helps...it's like I'm an unintentional love guru!

In case you're asking,I have a girlfriend...but I don't really love her,so I want to break up as fast as I can.

Eralier I got to the conclusion that I might be gay. I have no idea actually...Never thought about it deeply..

Maybe I should try to go to a gay bar or something.

You know,sitting alone in lunch time is really depressing,people only come to me for advices and I don't really have any friends [hence the lack of better things to do].

Oh well...better get to class since the bell rang already.


Ah,another day another advice...that's the only thing I do anyway.

That girl looks like if she's gonna come near me I'm gonna kill her.

Oh lookie here she got her friend for backup...poor guy,why punch him? She can ask nicely if he can ask instead. That guy has an awesome jacket,I want one like that.

Oh well...back to my book. He was just about to kill her [in the book].

"Hey...um,Sasuke?" this voice sounded like a newbie,oh,it's that girls friend!

...wow...his eyes are big...and blue...get yourself together,Sasuke!

"Did your blonde friend sent you?" I asked,knowing the answer already.

"Err...yeah. Listen,I'm only here to ask you her question." He sat next to me on the bench.

"I know that. So? What does she want?" I really couldn't care less...I think I just found something better to do...

"She has a crush,but that guy dosen't give a flying shit about her...I don't think you-he gives a shit about anything. she wanted to ask you what do you think she should do for yo-that person,to pay attention to her?"

Ok that guy could not be a lamer liar. It's obvious she has a crush on me.

"Yeah,listen,that lie was...the crappiest lie I've ever heard." I could hear the slap that girl gave herself on the forehead.

"I hate people who dosen't confront their own emotions. Please tell her that if she wants to tell me something she'll have to come to me herself,not send someone to do it."

That blond guy looked awestruck. Like I did a 50 minutes speech about noodles.

I waved a hand in front of his eyes and he blinked.

"Huh? Sorry,what did you say?" he asked with a sheepish smile. Sigh...

"I said,that if she wants me to pay attention to her she'll have to come to me herself." I repeated myself.

"That's exactly what I said! That she has to come to you herself and it won't work if I tell you that."

"Yeah. So now that that's fixed,if you excuse me,I gotta go break up with my girlfriend." I got up from the bench and started to walk at the direction of the school building.

Thanks to that guy I've finally realized something...

I'm gay.


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