A/N: In response to Yullen week. I started this fic a while ago and planned it out, but I had to leave it for a while. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this, though I do have the entire story in my head. Enjoy and happy Yullen week! Also, please don't be put off on the lack of Yullen interaction in the prologue. This fic is Kanda centric and this just gives the setting of the story. Plenty of Yullen to come. Please review!


There was something to be said for the change in atmosphere autumn brought. The way everything died in an explosion of color, while slightly morbid, was still beautiful. Leaves brightly swaying in the chill winds until swept away, grass cheerfully crackling under enthusiastic feet, and a crystal clear sky bringing a sense of peace. All of it, lies. Things were dying. Period. There was nothing cheerful about the fact. If anything it was foreboding; a prelude to the violent storms to come.

To say Kanda hated fall was an understatement. It was worse than winter because at least in winter he could deal with it head on as opposed to the preceding season where he'd spend all of his time dreading the coming of winter, unable to do anything about it. And this year was the worst of all.

The final battle was coming. Soon. It was somewhat fitting, Kanda mused, that its approach would coincide with the dying of a year. A century in fact. Or rather, a millennium. According to Komui, Central had calculated that the final and largest attack would occur sometime mid-December give or take a week, leaving the Order scrambling to prepare while still settling into a new routine after moving out of the old headquarters.

Which brought Kanda back to where he was at the moment; in a village to fulfill his mission of finding a reported innocence and searching for any potential exorcists. The destroying of any akuma he happened upon went without saying. Children played in piles of leaves as mothers scolded them for not doing their chores while wiping floury hands on their aprons and men greeted each other in the streets on their way from work hurrying home to the smell of baking and spices.

Didn't these people know how futile it was? That by the end of the year they most likely would be dead, or worse? Yet here they were blissfully ignorant of the destruction the Noah had already wrought on the world and even less aware of the impending calamity the Earl would bring in mere weeks.

Kanda left the village in disgust. None of the innocence he carried reacted to the villagers and the innocence he was searching for was most likely in an outlying area. He would be relieved to finish his mission and hopefully get another that had less contact with humans. He wasn't certain his sanity could take it.