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This chapter will be a summary of the story previous to this one, Kidnapped.If you hadn't read that yet, I highly suggest you do. It will make many things in this story a lot less complicated for you.

Broken Memories

Chapter one

Walking home from school with Ulrich, Yumi and he had been kidnapped. They found their way back to the academy later that night, and the two men responsible had been taken into custody.

They escaped a week later, and Yumi was hit by their black van, sending her to the hospital for a month. Ulrich had been kidnapped and barely made it back alive. He did have multiple scars to show for the adventure though. He will probably never go white water rafting either.

In desperation to hide themselves Yumi became Jennifer-Jenna for short- and Ulrich became Jacob. They had each died their hair and different eye color contacts. They'd had to fool their friends to do this, and so had to abandon the fight against Xana.

During one of Jacob's soccer games, Xana had attacked and almost blew Ulrich's identity. Yumi had done the rest for Xana, and they each ran off into the nearby park, leaving everyone on the field and crowd baffled. Xana stopped attacking before long, but Jared and Cosmo were soon chasing the two teens again. They hadn't gotten anywhere.

The next day at lunch Jared and Cosmo had shown up. They managed to kidnap Ulrich and Yumi again, and this time for a while. Ulrich killed Jared that day, and Cosmo shot Ulrich in the chest. It should have been fatal, but for some reason it wasn't. In her rage Yumi had shot Cosmo and killed him.

A few days later Yumi had to stand trial for killing someone. With Ulrich as a witness she had been proven innocent, not that the lawyers against her had been trying that hard.

Ulrich and Yumi had thought the threats against them were gone now, and so finally relaxed. After figuring something crucial out about Xana, their relaxation time was over.

Yumi was kidnapped that night, and a few days later Ulrich was kidnapped as well. This opponent was better skilled though, and would prove to be much harder to escape from. As it was he had a whole arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

The main way that Ulrich and Yumi had been found was by their cell phones, but this attacker took away that chance by destroying their cell phones immediately.

After running for a bit Ulrich was shot in the knee, shattering his knee cap and sending him to the ground. Yumi stayed with him and the two of them finally admitted their feeling for one another. Yumi ended up being shot a few times herself though, and soon Chase was standing above Ulrich with a dagger, ready to kill him.

The police were on their way, and it was a race against time now. The last thing Ulrich saw that week were the police on their way; shooting at Chase the whole time.

Ulrich awoke in the hospital a few days later. He had passed out from lack of blood. He now had to walk around on crutches, hopefully temporarily. His knee cap would heal itself eventually, but it would take time.

The strangest part was that Ulrich was keeping up in school. He understood everything that was going on now, and was on the same level as Jeremy and Aeilita.

While doing homework in Yumi's hospital room, always hopeful that she'll wake up while they're there, Yumi did awake. At first nothing had seen amiss, until she looked at Ulrich. For some reason, Yumi didn't remember Ulrich.

-End of Chapter one-

Like I said, that was just a summary of the first one, Kidnapped. I'll start with the rest of the story in the next chapter. And don't be mad at me, it's already uploaded.

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