The toilet paper and the "invisible being"

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A/N: All words in bold are the thoughts in the head of the main character of the story. I hope you enjoy it!

I crept down the stairs and peered around the corner. The toilet paper was still being dragged on the ground, and was now going around another corner down the hall. How could that toilet paper move like that? I pinched myself on the arm, again, and just like a few minutes ago – it hurt! So clearly, I wasn't dreaming. Realizing that the toilet paper had now gone around the corner, I quickly dashed down the corridor and tried to catch up. Suddenly, the toilet paper stopped in front of the door leading outside. I hid myself from view, just in case the "invisible being" attached to the toilet paper was looking around. The door opened, and the toilet paper went outside. As quietly as I could, I ran and caught the door before it slammed close. Then I jumped behind the bushes by the door and watched the now-stopped toilet paper sitting on the grass.

"Didn't run in to anyone! See? I can be quiet and stealthy too, Prongs!" A voice in the vicinity of the toilet paper said.

That just sounded like Sir-… No, how could the toilet paper's "invisible being" be Sirius Black? Rolling my eyes at my ridiculous thoughts, I focused back on the piece toilet paper. Three heads began appeared and looked like they were floating on air. Slowly, bodies began to appear as a shimmery cloth fell to the ground.

"Oy! Don't let the cloak get dirty!" James Potter exclaimed.

Wait a second! Potter? What the hell are Potter, Peter, and Sirius doing out here? Was that an invisibility cloak?Wait, Sirius was the toilet paper "invisible being"? Questions raced into my head as I gaped at the appearance of three quarters of the Marauders. Where's Remus?

Potter gathered up the cloak and brushed off the dirt from it.

"It's so dark! Can't we go back in?" came a squeak from Peter

"No. Moony is waiting for us," Potter replied.

Who the hell is Moony?

"Yeah, hurry up, Wormtail. We're gonna be late!" Sirius called over his shoulder as he skipped again, the toilet paper trailing behind him. He grabbed a stick and approached the Whomping Willow.

What the hell is he doing? He'll get himself killed!

Sirius used the stick and poked at the Whomping Willow's trunk. All of a sudden, the Willow stopped flailing its branches around, and a small opening appeared. Potter, Sirius, and Peter entered the tree's trunk, and I found myself running and diving through the opening in the trunk before it slammed shut.

"Ssh! Wait, Padfoot! Did you hear something? Is someone following us?"

Dammit Potter! Why did you choose now of all times to become perceptive?

To be continued...

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