Bella is the blood daughter to two of the Cullens. In this story one of the vampires (you'll find out soon) has the power to have children. And well the two of them had a child. But they had to give her up to protect her. So here is the story of Isabella Marie Cullen.

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I stared at the ceiling in my room, well my room and around 8 others. When they were here that is. I never knew which bed I would be sleeping in the next night, or if I would even be coming home that night. But I really couldn't call this place home. It was more of a place to sleep and sometimes eat if Charlie felt up to give me food. But mostly for Charlie I was here for sex and nothing else.

You could say that I'm a little different. Okay a lot different. When I get really angry crazy stuff happens and I can't control what happens. I don't know most of the time I'm called freak but I really don't care anymore.

Well I guess I should tell you how I got here in the first place. So it started with two people in loveā€¦.

Esme's Pov

We all missed Isabella terribly. Most of the time all we could think about was the baby girl that our family lost. The small happy go lucky girl that could laugh at just about anything.

My family often thought about if it was the right thing giving Isabella up. Some more than others. But what we wanted more than anything was for Isabella to be safe.

All of us knew when Isabella was born that it wouldn't be easy to raise a child in a vampire home but we thought that the seven of us could protect her. How wrong we were.

Soon after Isabella turned 2 vampires showed up tried to take her from us. Some wanted her blood some wanted her to show of to the whole vampire world. Others wanted to kill her showing that vampires shouldn't have children.

When we dropped her off the look on our young girls face will never leave our minds. Her saddened, petrified face looked at us as tears ran down her face and she screamed out, "MOMMA! DADA! DADA!" Our family would never be the same with out young Isabella. We could only hope that we would meet our young girl again.

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