Ok so everyone isn't still confused:

Firstly the reason Edward can't read Angela's mind to see what Charlie is doing is because one of her many powers is that no one can see the thoughts about her. So Edward can't hear what Angela is thinking about Bella.

Secondly Bella has a lot of powers. . . she just doesn't know about them. She knows that she's part vampire and everything but she doesn't know about all the powers she has. But she does know about a lot of them.

And lastly this is a Jasper Bella fanfic; if you don't like them please don't read. I'm sorry if you don't like these but I do.

And now… nwo t'nod I

I wanted to tell them. I wanted my mother to hug me while I cried, like I wanted to do so much. I wanted my father to go beat Charlie to a pulp. But I couldn't let them know what was going on. No one would believe that I was the daughter of the people the same age as I was.

So I dealt with the pain, I had Rose look at my car and she told me that it was just a crapy car.

So after many days I was still growing closer to my family. Jasper and I were talking at lunch about the love Romeo and Juliet had when Angela walked over to us.

"Bella! Oh thank God!" Her hands were on her knees and she was breathing heavy.

"Angela what's the matter?" I asked standing up and stared at her. I really have never seen this girl scared. She was one of the few girls that Charlie left alone, but was made to watch as Charlie beat me.

"Charlie. . . said. . . that I have to tell you James wants to see you so he's coming over tonight." Oh crap! This is bad, real bad. James was one of Charlie's friends. And he just so happened to be a vampire, but Charlie didn't know that. And James didn't know I knew about him. But James didn't let me off for anything. He liked to cause me pain. And whenever James came over that meant I wouldn't be back at Charlie's for at least a week.

And it wasn't as if I could not come home. James is what you call a tracker. He'll track till I'm dead. And right now I couldn't lead James to my real family.

"Oh. . . thanks Angela." I said looking down. I was going to have to lie to everyone again.

"Sweetheart what was that about?" Mom asked seeing me said.

"Oh…um it's just that Charlie's friend likes to…take me out for a week…as a vacation." Wow that was the best I could come up with. He wants to take me on a vacation! Stupid Bella! God no one is going to believe you! Not even a monkey would believe you and you're lying not only to vampires but to an empathic vampire!

"Oh. . . we were hoping you would come shopping with us." Mom said disappointed, she bought my lie? Really.

"Sorry Mom…you know I don't like shopping. Rain check?" I asked simply to keep the lie up. Mom smiled bright and nodded.

"And Dad you have to teach me that song you were talking about. I really want to become better than you." I said jabbing my elbow into my father's ribs.

"Ha yeah right Bella. I've taught you everything you know but not everything…"

"I know." Everyone at the table finished before we all started laughing.

When I got to Charlie's I was really scared to go inside but I had to. I could see Charlie staring out the window waiting for me.

I got out of my truck and slowly went inside. I was meeting with the sunglass clad James and an angry Charlie in the doorway.

"Where have you been!?" Charlie yelled outraged at my lateness.

"School sir. I'm sorry." I mumbled looking down at the horrible tiled floor.

"Well you're going with James to his hotel! And you better behave or it will cost you your head!" Who knew Charlie could say things like that? Not me that's for sure.

James grabbed my arm and turned me towards his car before Charlie or I could say anything more.

"Ah Isabella how you smell so wonderful." James said as we walked into the hotel. He had his arm around my waist and he was currently smelling my hair.

I was stiff as I walked James pushed me onto the bed before tying me there. As he enters his fingers created a claw on my shoulders. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. James would think it was for pleasure but it wasn't.

James was so close to biting me that much was for sure. He wanted to I could tell, he kept putting his head next to my neck but he knew that then his favorite toy would be no more.

A week later!

Thank god James was finally gone. I thought he would never leave. Well now I was supporting a broken arm and a swollen face. But I was lucky James had actually taken me to the hospital and gotten it fixed. Saying a fell getting out of the shower.

"Bella! Honey what happened!" My mother fretted looking at my arm.

"Tripped." I lied, "Stupid clumsiness." I again lied, though I did trip a lot it wasn't from being clumsy but more from the pain Charlie caused.

"Hey…Bella." I heard Mike Newton say from behind me. I turned and stared at the scared teenage boy. "Can I sign your cast?" He was pretty much shaking with fear. I almost laughed at that though.

"Sure Mike relax I won't bite." I handed Mike the sharpie and turned to my father and opened my mind saying hard.

My father laughed before whispering to my mother what I had said. She too smiled and watched as Mike finished. I turned my head to read what Mike had written. "I hope Charlie won't mind me buying you for a night." Who in the world writes that on a cast! Oh…I get it. Mike bought me. Just as he had bought that girl…Sam last year. Shit she had come back with a black eye and a swollen lip.

"Bella what does…Newton mean." My father asked at lunch.

"Nothing Daddy. Don't worry he meant my affection. They do think he's my father you know." I lied, wow I had actually become pretty good at this whole lieing thing.

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