A Cozy Christmas

The presents had been opened (Owen's supposed 'gag' gift of blaringly hot pink furry handcuffs put to rather effective use before a mutual shower to clean up from their fun), the Christmas breakfast (pancakes, fresh peach slices, some turkey bacon for Jack, and, for a change, hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream instead of Ianto's typically magic coffee) had been eaten, and Ianto and Jack were now cuddled together in front of the fireplace on the floor in front of Ianto's couch. Jack was scritching his fingers lazily in Ianto's chest hair, just enjoying the quiet of the morning, content to be with his lover, idly hoping (for even thinking too vehemently might trigger a spike) that the Rift would stay quiescent for a little while longer. At least long enough for Ianto to finish his nap and the both of them to eat their Christmas dinner (complete with figgy pudding; how Jack did love Ianto's sense of whimsy).

"Mph…" Ianto yawned, then nuzzled further into Jack's stomach, never waking from his overstuffed half-doze.

Jack smiled at this near-instinctual show of trust, liking the fact that Ianto was, for the moment, at peace. He normally spent all day on the go; being the Archivist and front man for the tourist office, as well as an active field agent, plus the person who made all the coffee kept Ianto going 24/7. Jack had used Ianto's stopwatch once to see how long the other man spent each day making coffee; after a week, it averaged out to a staggering one hour and forty-seven minutes per day. But even the driving force behind Torchwood Three needed some time off once in a while.

And, though he loathed admitting it, Jack could use the down time himself.

Still, he'd slept last night (after Ianto wore him out, as per usual), and was wide awake now. There were plenty of things he could do today – for one thing, he could put the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, throw away the used wrapping paper and bows, feed Moses – but Jack thought he'd rather just stay right here, with Ianto in his arms. At least for a little while longer

After all, it was moments like these that you came to cherish. He could clean up later.

Of course, Ianto would probably redo everything once he woke up, but when it came to gifts from the heart, it was truly the thought that counted.