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Shane was an ace at keeping his true feelings from his teammates. Why? He was the leader. There was countless times where they wanted to give up, he did to, but he stood against that feeling and pushed his team through. Truth be told, he was still scared shitless at times when they fought or when someone on his team took a heavy hit but it never showed. If he ever wanted one of his friends to know how he felt, they would know exactly how he felt, no holds bar, if he didn't, they wouldn't even suspect anything. They knew what they knew about him because he let it happen, save for Dustin and maybe Tori, she was just sometimes flat out good at reading people.

"Hey uh Shane...you gotta second man?" The red wind ranger looked up from his reflection in the lake up to the small navy ranger that was making his way across the water.

"Sure, what's up?"

"I...I wanted to talk to you about Tori" He said as he sat down at the water's edge next to the team leader.

"Tori?" Shane was open to talking to his team but he was always talking to Cam, Dustin and Tori, the thunder's never came to talk to him one-on-one except for that one time, so Blake coming to talk to him about the water ninja was a surprise. "You don't wanna talk to Hunter about this?" He just figured the navy ninja would be more comfortable with talking about his relationship with his brother.

"Yeah, he's at the track with Dustin anyway" He explained as he looked up at the waterfall then back to Shane, "I just wanted to know if…if Tori has a thing for Cam" His voice lowered with each word, like he was second guessing himself for second guessing Tori.

"Honestly dude?" Shane was the first to be honest, brutally honest it if got the truth out but something about the other ninja made him want to lighten his heavy answer, made him want to lie.

"Yeah, you know what," Blake smiled and shook his head, like he was insane to even come to Shane, "Never mind bro, sorry for bugging"


"You know" He laughed and got to his feet and brushed the dirt from his jeans.

"Tori, she likes you…but she likes Cam too…" His voice was thoughtful, though he didn't need to think about that answer.

"You sure…?" Blake knew Shane knew the blue ranger longer than he had and if he didn't know, besides Dustin, who else would? He just wanted to make sure he heard correct.

"Yeah…for about a year," he shook his head and got up as well, "way before you guys showed up" he added, hoping to soften the blow.

"No…" he crossed his arms and nodded, "You're right. Hey, thanks man, for talking with me"

"What are friends for?" Shane laughed as he gave Blake's shoulder a pat before walking across the lake, leaving the younger thunder by the water.