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Author's Note: BEH! Um...I think the ball is rolling with this...I dunno! But! It;s going somewhere, I thought this chapter was a little funny because Hunter's well...Hunter's Hunter XD. Enjoi.

"Thanks man, for taking me out to the movies" Blake didn't realize how that sounded till he had a mouth full of popcorn.

"Hey, don't get all weird on me" Shane said, holding his hands up.

"No...I," The thunder ninja chewed on the popcorn in his mouth then swallowed it, "I mean thanks for. It just kept my mind off...her...so, thanks"

Shane nodded in understanding as he stuffed his cold hands in his pockets, "So, you gonna talk to her?"

"Nah, I mean we weren't actually together so..." He shrugged. No point in talking to her, if she felt like he needed to know then she would have told him, he'd expect that if they were together.

"Yeah, I guess." Shane actually didn't understand the whole thing on a personal level, for him, getting over someone should be easy, but it's never happened to him. So there were a few girls in the past but they were so easy to get over. Now with the whole Tori-thing hanging in the air, it was getting weird.

It was almost twenty awkward minutes of walking and failed conversation starters till they got to the apartment complex. The walk to their apartment was short and intricate; Shane had to hope he could get back. "Thanks again man" The sounds of passing car on the street were faint, while the sound of jingling keys was prominent, but it immediately stopped when Blake remember what that meant from a movie he had watched.

"Um...no problem," Shane laughed as headed back to the stairs, "I'll see you tomorrow" His dark form vanished down the steps and seconds after that his footsteps faded. Blake shook his head as he opened the door and peered into the surrounding darkness. He shut the door behind him and leaned against it, trying to sort out what happened. Okay, there was always a life rule about not believing every thing you see in movies but after Dustin forced them all to watch a 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie'...he couldn't help but knowing some were true.

If that's the case he just fiddled with his keys...meaning he wanted Shane to...to- A soft knock on the door pulled him from his thought's, "It's open bro" The door opened and he fell back, he was so wrapped in his thoughts he didn't even realize he was leaning against the barrier till he fell through the threshold. Red arms wrapped around his chest and he looked up to see, "Shane?" laughing.

"Yeah, you okay man?" He asked as he lifted the Bradley to his feet.

"Am I interrupting something?" A new voice came in with an air of amusement.

"No!" Blake immediately defended; another laugh was pulled from his brother as he walked past the two into the foyer.

"Whatever bro" Hunter's voice died out and the faint click of a door was shut.

"Sorry about that" He said, brushing of his navy shirt.

"Um, sure, no problem. I uh just came back because I got...lost" It was hard for Shane to admit, he was usually good with patterns and mazes but that was on paper or with a series of attacks from Lothor.

"Oh, I'll show you man" He shut the door and walked down the stairs with his friend then lead him to the front that met with the street. Blake waved goodbye then headed back to the apartment, he dreaded facing his brother because he knew a lot of teasing was in order. How embarrassing.