When I see you smile: ZaDr

At the base, after a long day of success and survival from a raging food fight started by Dib, Zim finally settled down and was working on his inventions for conquering earth while Gir watched the angry monkey show.

After working on the invention, he decided to take a break by contacting The Tallest. Soon, Tallest Red and Purple appeared on screen.

"What is it now, Zim" Red asked annoyed

"Greetings my tallest." Zim said. " I have come to let you know that the mission is doing well, and soon earth will be at it's doom"

Red and Purple looked at each other. "Uh… hold on" Purple said. Then they turned and began to huddle up in a conversation, trying to whisper so that Zim doesn't hear. " What do you think, Red? Should we tell him" Purple asked.

"Well I think we should" Red said. "After all, he's been contacting us for the thousandth time already. It's starting to drive me nuts. Speaking of nuts, I can't even enjoy my new nut-glazed donuts anymore."

"Well, I have to agree, neither can I" Purple said while nodding.

"Hello?" Zim said impatiently in the background.

" I think we should just tell him and block the transmissions, that way he won't bother us and our snacking anymore." Red said.

"Agreed" Purple said.

Then they quickly turned around and faked an approving smile to a very impatient looking Zim. Purple cleared his throat. "Well, Zim" he said. "You… um, are doing a…uh, a marvelous job in trying to-

"Oh, don't encourage him, Purple!" Red interrupted, while pushing him aside. " Look, Zim. We lied!"

"Oh that's okay my Tallest I-Wait! What do you mean you lied?" Zim questioned.

Red sighed. "Oh God. Look Zim, I meant what I said, We lied"

"Eh?" Zim said.

"We lied, okay?!" Red yelled, getting really annoyed this time. " We sent you to Earth for nothing more than to get you out of our life, You've messed up all of operation impending doom 1 by destroying half of Irk and you're nothing more than a defect to the armada!"

"But…my tallest" Zim started. " I thought-

"We don't care, Zim" Purple said. "You're not a real invader, now could you stop calling us?"

"Yeah, Please." Red said rolling his eyes. "it's starting to wreck our nerves"

Things were randomly silent for a few seconds. "Well, Would you look at the time" Purple said. "We've got some snacking to do" and he raced off.

"Well, Farewell, Zim" Red said. "Until next time. Oh, wait a second, their won't be a next time. So see ya!" he said. But just as he was about to get some snacks he turned back to the screen.

"Oh, and Zim. Please do us a favor and don't call us. Red said. "and if you do, there will be no use because the transmissions will be cut. So don't even try." then he turned to the hallway "hey, Purple. don't eat all the snacks" he said as he made his way to the snack machine. After a few seconds the screen went blank, revealing The normal picture of the strange green monkey.

Zim stood there looking unbelievingly at the picture where the tallest use to be a few seconds ago. But it wasn't too long until he collapsed to the floor as a river of tears streamed down his cheeks as he began to sob. Gir then ran from the kitchen with a pan of muffins in his hands.

"Hiya, Masteh" Gir said with a wide grin on his face and his tongue sticking out. But when he saw his master on the floor crying he dropped the muffins to the floor.

"Master?" Gir said slowly.

Zim looked up at him and glared, even though he knew that under his robot's stupidity and defectiveness, that Gir was concerned. But Zim just rolled his eyes.

"Go away, Gir, go watch the angry monkey show or something" Zim said, his voice shivering along with the thought of there not even being a purpose to his life anymore.

"Aw, don't worry, Master." Gir said. "I know what'll cheer yo-

"Uh…no, Gir" Zim said. "I'm not in the mood. Now go, please"

"Aw, Okay" Gir said. And with that he made his way to the living room to watch the angry monkey show. yet he looked back at his master, who was still huddled up on the floor, crying.