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Chapter one: the Notes

Bella was in the bathroom at her house praying to Carlisle that the stick would be Negative and she would never have to tell her parents that she had done IT and was now pregnant.

She took the test she had to wait 5minutes.

5 minutes later…

"Now or never Bella" She told herself she looked at the stick and her stomach Lurched when she saw that the one test she didn't want to pass she did. The stick said positive. Isabella Marie Swan was Pregnant with her boyfriend, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen's Baby. She had already decided to leave Forks. She would leave without telling Edward about the baby, she would leave Charlie a note and that would be that.

Bella was glad Charlie was at work so she didn't have to face him.

She grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote

"Dear Charlie,

Sit down before you read this…

I left and I'm not coming back, this has NOTHING to do with you, It's just something I have to do because well… I'm having a baby.

You're Daughter,


When she finished that note she grabbed another pen and another piece of paper and, tears streaming down her face wrote

Dear Edward,

It hurts so much to write this but, I'm leaving and I can't tell you why, but know that I Love you and that I always Love you no matter what and this is something I have to do.

I Love you,


She would see Edward one last time to give him the note.

Bella was packing her bags when she heard the door open down stairs.

Charlie was home and she would have to face him one last time.

She walked down the stairs both notes in hand "I Love you dad" Bella said handing him the note and walking out the front door for the last time.

She got in her truck and drove to school one last time to give Edward the note.

She saw him in the parking lot with Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice.

She walked up to Edward gave him the note and walked back to her truck.

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