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A Giant's Perspective

Tartarus prison is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there. Believe me I know. Spending the past four thousand years here has made me something of an expert. I made the poor choice to back Cronus in the Titan war and this is where it got me. Locked up for all time in this pit, and now that I think about it I take back that bit about it being a nice place to visit. You wouldn't want to visit here either.

The day of the escape started out like any other. I was pacing the floor of my cell restlessly, my feet tracing and retracing the same unvarying path. In my mind, I was replaying the same thoughts, thoughts of escape, of vengeance, vengeance against the thrice-accursed gods for sentencing me to spend eternity in this miserable place. I longed almost unbearably for freedom, longed for the springiness of grass beneath my feet instead of hard unyielding stone, to feel the wind and breathe fresh air instead of the stale lifeless air of Tartarus. Such longing I knew was pointless. I was never going to leave this place, thanks to the gods I was stuck here forever.

The day wore on. Time passes slowly in Tartarus, mostly because there's nothing to do here but daydream about escaping and getting revenge against whoever imprisoned you here to begin with…and yet…and yet…there was something strange in the air as time went by, a sense of expectation, as if the world were holding its breath waiting, for something to happen.

Then something did happen.

He came out of nowhere, completely unexpected…Cronus. One minute I'm pacing the floor of my cell for what has to be the one-billionth time and the next thing I know there he is staring in at me with those creepy red eyes of his.

"Hello Agnon," he greeted me. Just like that as if the past four thousand years never happened.

Two thoughts flashed through my mind at the sight of him. One, How did he get out of his cell? Two, What does he want? I never did learn the answer to the first question, but Cronus was quick to supply the answer to the second.

"How would like to be released from your imprisonment in this miserable hole?" Cronus asked.

A new thought, sure, but what's the catch? I knew he wasn't making this offer out of the kindness of his heart. I'm not exactly sure he even has a heart.

Sure enough, "All you have to do in exchange is swear undying loyalty to me," Cronus went on, "and I'll give you your freedom and a chance to get revenge on those who imprisoned you."

I pondered this for a moment. I wanted freedom and revenge very badly. The question was did I want them badly enough to agree to serve Cronus again. Especially considering what happened last time.

I did.

I knew if I turned down this chance, another one would never come along. I also knew that I'd feel like a complete fool if I spurned Cronus' offer and he actually succeeded in whatever scheme he had in mind.

I looked at Cronus for another moment and then, "I swear."

"Excellent," Cronus purred. The next moment the door was open and I was on my way to freedom.

Many months would pass before I realized the depth of the mistake I made that night.

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