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Midas Fox left his suitcase to float beside the bed and stepped near the window. The wizard's beach of Ko Samui stretched out before him. Only a few wizards lived on the island, and those that did were only too happy to keep to themselves. Muggles never understood why the land near the "ugly, rocky bay" was so much in desire, but anyone who was anyone among Thai wizards, owned at least one small house there.

Midas's house was anything but small, and it was at the very end of the promenade, where dozens of wizards offered their products for sale. It was close to the action, but not in the middle of it, exactly as Midas loved it. And he loved the view of the white beach and the bright blue sea. Therefore (and because Thailand did not have an official magical government which could have extradited him), he had chosen this place as his retirement home. So, seven years ago he bought this house, although it was a little too small for his tastes (only 15 rooms). He made sure that no one knew about it, and that no one would be able to trace the acquisition back to him. Then for seven years he avoided the place, so that later he would be able to hide here. His caution had paid off.

Sighing, he spread out his personal belongings throughout the room. He traveled with light luggage, and only had the bare necessities of clothing with him, but there were some things that he had no intentions of leaving behind, the quilt cover that his mother had once crocheted for him when he was a child, and some very costly magical objects. Since he had been forewarned, he had had enough time to pack in peace.

Once again, he congratulated himself for his brilliant inspiration with the surveillance bugs. Because wizards had always looked for and could only trace magical charms, not even Oldridge had ever found out that every single room in the guest house had been bugged. The most difficult part had been the receiver that he had charmed so that with certain key words an alarm would immediately go off. Initially, the technology kept failing, but in the end, he had modified the device in such a way that not only individual words but also the context, in which they were said, could be classified as dangerous or safe.

For years, the alarm had remained silent – until the day that Severus Snape had entered the property. Midas, who was only slightly younger than Snape, had noticed him for the first time at the end of his second year, when James Potter had publically humiliated him. Over the next two years, he had seen other times when Snape and his obsessive pure blood Slytherin friends had ruled the school. When he had hired him, Midas had been more worried about his ties to Death Eaters, than his links to Harry's parents.

In the beginning, he had kept an especially sharp eye on him. Even if he was careful to avoid Harry coming in contact with a fanatical fan, having him murdered for power or revenge, was equally undesirable. The boy would be no use to him dead.

His worries proved to be groundless. Snape did not show any interest in harming Harry, nor was he overly friendly. He was such a perfect private tutor for Harry that he himself decided to overlook it when Petunia came to him and reported his connection with Lily. How could he have been so deceived? Was he really convinced that Snape represented no danger? Or that he would be able to keep him under control? Or had he unconsciously left him alone, probably knowing that the date for an early retirement grew closer the older Harry became?

This had never really been clear to the Dursleys, and that was all right with Midas. The Dursleys would not have been able to keep Harry locked away after he turned 17, no matter how much they tried. The magical community would take their fury out on them and on Oldridge (for his sadism, thus it was occasionally useful, even though he abhorred it), and he himself would soon be forgotten. The general public was inclined to have a very short memory as soon as their craving for revenge is satisfied.

Midas could still not believe that ultimately it was not Snape, but the examination, that had been fatal. He had actually hoped that he would still be able to pull off the ad campaign for Nimbus. It wasn't to be. However, the generous bonuses, which he had negotiated for himself over the years, were more than enough to guarantee him a carefree life.

Contentedly he placed the last object, a picture frame, on his desk and started towards the beach. A boy with green eyes and messy hair peered from the wooden frame decorated with carvings and waved happily after him.

Author's note: So, that's it for now. I realize that there are still some questions left. I will try to

answer as many as possible now, and there are always a lot of additional explanations in my profile, if you are interested.

Dumbledore's Plan: I know, it was very subtle so not everybody may have caught on. Dumbledore tricked Fudge into using his influence to make sure that Harry would get easy questions on his test. Then Dumbledore used his influence to add the Voldemort questions. Since the wizards Fudge influenced thought that Harry would answer those questions easily, they did not object but supported Dumbledore's plan unknowingly. Dumbledore also took care that someone influential and impartial would be the tester.

Did Fudge know what the Dursleys did? Let me answer with a question: Does he know that Lucius is a Death Eater?


What happened to Quirrel? Voldemort, knowing that it was dangerous to stay with his host any longer, left his body after he wasn't able to steal the stone from the mirror, killing him in the process.

What happened with the Dursleys? And Dudley? Well, the Dursleys are (contrary to Rita's article) in a holding cell in the ministry. The trial will be a theme of the sequel. Dudley is still in Smeltings for now. His fate will also be decided in the sequel.