Return of the Old Ones

I am intending to do a Lovecraft x Warhammer40K fanfic. Here's a short not-so-serious "pilot".

The songs used below are "Carol of the Old Ones" and "Awake ye Scary Great Old Ones" by the H.P Lovecraft Historical Society. You can find them on Youtube ;)

Songs from the Spheres

Are you looking into the mysteries of the Universe ?

No need to hurry. There is no point.

No matter how much you uncover, the Unknown Beyond remains.

Oh, we don't expect you to believe us, just listen …

The greatest entity we know is Mother Void,

From her everything is born, and into her everything returns when they die.

Universes, clusters, galaxies, stars, worlds … endless cosmic cycles of creation and destruction with no beginning, end or pattern discernible.

Beautiful isn't it. I know you think so. You have just drawn closer. Curious like the rest of your kind, always yearning to taste new and ever more exciting delights, but loathe to admit it.

No need to be shy. Here there are no boundaries, no obligations to adhere to one Path.

The universe has no boundaries. The latter are but reflections of our own limitations.

At the beginning of its cycle, this Universe awoke, and like thoughts in the Universal mind, all the primal matter that constitutes its physical realms somehow came into existence, and began moving, shaping, gas to fluids, fluids to rocks … a work that has continued till the Materium has become what it is now.

And where there is light, there is shadow.

The Immaterium, folded into the fabric of the Materium, yet also distinct, like the subconscious beneath the ego of the Universal mind, the shadow it cast into Mother Void by virtue of its existence.

Through spontaneous order the first living beings emerged, Star Spirits that roamed the Materium, and Daemons that swam the Immaterium. Of course they were not intelligent by your standards. They were but formless entities driven by primal emotions, feeding on what energy they could find.

And then eventually, organic life appeared. We were certainly not the first conscious beings, but were the first to leave our star system and explore the galaxy, through a method you may dimly remember.

It began when we encountered our first daemon. Our burgeoning psychic abilities had drawn their attention and caused them to surface into the material universe.

Oh, they were tough, adaptable organisms ! but nothing like the fierce Warp-spawned monsters you see now. They appeared to us as mindless, barely visible polyps drifting through space and air, seeking after sources of spiritual energy. We found a way to capture them, and study them, as we did the other creatures we had encountered.

Through them we learned of the existence of the Immaterium, its connection to minds of living things. What marvels we could achieve with such knowledge ! And marvels we did achieve.

We could shape our environments, even ourselves, to our will.

We went places that were previously beyond our reach, and everywhere we went, we were received by the native species with awe. "The Great Old Ones have come down from the Beyond!" their minds would cry.

When one is in awe of another's power, it feels the desire to have that power. And the one who possesses that power would be reluctant to share it, even if it could possibly save the receiving species from extinction.

Could we have found a cure for the Ailing Ones' illness, thereby averting the First War, and all the disasters that followed ?

No, we could not have known then.

How could we have known … that just as we learned our magic from primitive daemons, the Ailing Ones made a pact with the star spirits, the daemons' Material counterparts, and thus gained the power to oppose us ?

What had appeared to us as harmless energy beings, now became the revered, and frightful gods of the army of the Deathless Ones.

A relentless, remorseless, vengeful army ! Our attempts at negotiations failed, for the Star Gods had taken the souls of their worshippers, and the Deathless Ones no longer listened to reason.

We were powerful, yet we were also few in number. Against the Deathless Ones' terrifying onslaught, we did the nearest thing we could think of.

Yes, you remember your lore well.

That was when we made you.

You were our greatest work of art … perfect in every way … so we thought.

Where there is light, there is shadow !

We thought we knew, the moment the Enslavers emerged from an Immaterium Warped by the increased psychic noise, what plans the Universal Mind had in store for us.

Had we engineered our own destruction ?

No, we are still here.

Where are we ?

Of course, you cannot find us. How much of the universe do you know ?

Hmmm, but there is one thing you know. You have seen it …

Now ...

Look to the sky, Way up on high,

We're in the night, Stars are now right !

Eons have passed, Now then at last !

Prison walls break !

We shall awake !

We will return !

Mortals will learn, new kinds of fear !

when we are here !

We will reclaim, all in our name !

Hopes turn to black, when we come back !

Ignorant fools ! Mortals now rule, where we ruled then.

It's ours again !

STARS BURNING BRIGHTLY, BOILING and churning - bode a returning season of doom !

We will, we will, we WILL Promise !

Behold, unbreakable Promise !

Up from the Sea, from Underground, down from the sky, we're all around !







The Farseer awoke from her meditation with a start, and gasped.

Gradually, her breathing slowed to a more relaxed pace and she wiped the slight moisture from her forehead with the back of her hand.

When she brought it down and looked at it under the dim blue light she saw that it was trembling. When that subsided as well, she closed her eyes again, and tried to recall what it was she had just seen and heard that so terrified her.

Why was it terrifying ? Faint impressions of a revelation that was at once familiar and alien. What revelation ?

Try as she might, she could not remember, not exactly.

We will return …

Again, that lingering yet unnameable fear sent another chill up her spine. None of her prophetic visions or psychic communications had induced this kind of feeling in her. This was something … raw … primal.

"A night terror. I must have fallen half asleep while meditating." She told herself. "It will go away soon." She shook her head and stood up from her lotus position, gathering up the tablets and manuscripts that were scattered on the smooth bone-white floor, including one that had the title "The War in Heaven" inscribed in Eldar Runes.


From behind one of the skeletal, leafless trees in the mist-shrouded forest, the Grey Knight peered unnoticed into the clearing before him.

In the middle of the clearing was a summoning pit. Just like any other summoning pit constructed by the heretics. And around this edifice was a crowd of cultists, apparently trying to summon a daemon, just like any other minion of Chaos would do.

And yet the stealthy Daemon Hunter could not help but feel that something was not quite right about this group of cultists.

And then he heard it.

At first it was just the movement of the cultists' arms. Something was off about the way they were carrying out their ritual. What was it about that pattern …

As the gestures became more vigorous, he realized, there was no pattern.

These cultists had been taken by an undescribable madness.

Not the Chaos-induced madness that the agents of the Ordo Malleus were familiar with, but something beyond, drawing the subconscious urges and fears of these cultists to the surface and expressing them in ways that disturbed even the brave Daemon Hunter as he looked on.

They convulsed, writhed, howled, gargled, and eventually their dreadful chant reached his genetically enhanced ears.

Awake ye scary Great Olde Ones, let everything dismay.

Remember Great Lord Kroak shall rise up from the dead,

To kill us all with Tentacles if we should go his way.

Oh tiding of madness and woe,

Madness and woe

Oh tiding of madness and woe

In the time long before ours the Great Old Ones were spawned.

Imprisoned by their own children, waiting through long eons.

Enticing mortals to release them, chanting dreadful songs ...

And know this: that is not dead which can eternal lie,

And in strange eons you will fing that even death may die.

The Great Old Ones will rule once more and all will be destroyed!

Oh tiding of madness and woe,

Madness and woe


The next thing that the Grey Knight remembered, he was running through the forest as fast as his legs could carry him.

Yes, he was running back to base.

What was he running away from ?

What did he see after hearing that blasphemous song ?

Now, back in his quarters, he began running through his memories carefully.

All will be destroyed

A great dark silhouette loomed over him in his mind's eye, and he shivered uncontrollably from a sudden sense of dread that threatened to overwhelm him.

Instinctively, he took a deep shaky breath and tried to clear his mind, letting the approaching horror sink back into the fog of his subconscious, together with whatever memories he was searching for.

He sighed. It was probably best that he let this rest until he could get the help of some other psykers. He had never encountered such a condition before, and it would probably be some time before his colleagues figured it out as well. After all, even psykers themselves are not sure how psychic abilities came to be …