Okay, I know its been over 2 years since I have updated this story. I wanted to finish it and I am glad I did. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Dominic Blythe backed away from his father's study, trying to process in his mind what his father and mother had just been talking about. So, I'm really not a Blythe. Dan Reese was right.

The young lad made his way outside the house and went to his favorite place in the Hollow. He wanted to be alone for a little while and process what he had just heard.

Meanwhile, his parents, who had no knowledge that Dominic had been listening, made the decision to talk to their oldest son. Anne and Gilbert left the study and went outside on the verandah. Susan was sitting outside sewing on a new apron for herself.

"Susan dear, have you seen Dominic?"

"Yes Mrs. Dr. Dear. I saw him head down into the Hollow a few minutes ago. Said something about wanting to be alone." Gil and Anne passed a look between themselves before walking down to the Hollow. Anne knew her son well enough to know where he was.

They walked to the furthest corner of the Hollow to find Dominic sitting under the graceful old weeping willow tree, his knees to his chest, arms wrapped around his legs. He was staring off into space when Gilbert and Anne found him. They sat down on either side of their son.

"Dominic? Are you okay?" Anne asked, placing her hand on her son's arm. She was surprised when he pulled his arm out of his mother's grasp.

"Please leave me alone." The choked reply gave away her son's true feelings. He bowed his head as the tears began to fall.

Gilbert placed his hand on Dominic's shoulder. "Son, what's wrong?"

"Don't call me that! I'm not your son!" Dominic yelled, his emotions getting the better of him. He looked up, his blue eyes piercing his father and mother to their hearts.

"Dominic, you are our son. It may not be by blood, but it is by love."

"How can you say that? If you aren't my real parents, who is? Why did they give me up? Do they even live here in Glen St. Mary?"

"Dominic, your biological mother and father were killed during the war," Gilbert said, his mind going back to those tumultuous years, his eyes clouding with painful memories.

Dominic's eyes grew wide, trying to process what his father had just told him,. His gaze rested on the horizons stretched out before him. Tears again began to fall again as he was trying to process what he was being told.

"How?" he whispered.

"Your father and I had just been married and he enlisted as a medical officer. Some time later, he was listed as missing in action and I had to find him. We had known your real father from when we were in New York. I met up with him and your mother on a train. He protected me and helped me get to safety. Your mother Colette was killed when a bomb exploded in a field hospital." Anne paused, her own painful memories flooding back.

"I was with your mother when she died. She had me promise that I would take care of you. I kept going, my love for you and your father keeping me strong. A few days later, I met up with your biological father, Jack, in London. Dominic, your father was a spy for our side during the war."

Dominic looked over at his mother, disbelief playing across his face. "Really?"

Gilbert put his arm around his son's shoulders. "Yes, he was. He was a hero. He helped bring the war to an end. He helped your mother here find me. Your father was a hero."

"How did he die, if he helped bring the war to and end?"

Anne glanced over at Gilbert, conflicting emotions playing across her face. "He and his group were going to expose traitors to the fatherland and those who were the traitors wanted to make sure that didn't happen. We were on a train on our way home. Your father was shot while we were on that train. He died in my arms."

Anne took her son's hand into hers before continuing. "Dominic, he loved you so very much. With his last breath, he told me that he wanted us take care of his son. We kept our promise. It took us a year to find you, but we did. And it was the happiest day for me when we got you back. I have loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you. No matter what, you will be our son." Moisture gathered in Anne's eyes as her fierce love for her son showed on her face.

"Son, we knew this day was going to come for some time. We have talked about it for a few years how we were going to tell you. When you came home today from school and told us what Dan Reese had said, we knew we had to tell you." Gilbert wiped a hand over his face as Dominic stared intently at his hands.

"In that case, I do have a confession to make. I was listening at the door to the study. I had come inside the house and heard you talking, and heard my name. I'm so sorry. I ran down here to get away from the family and to think. I couldn't believe that Dan Reese was right. I always knew I looked different."

"But no matter what, you are a Blythe, and you always will be. We love you, all of us. Walter and Jem look up to you and the girls adore you. And your father and I will always love you," Anne said, enveloping her young son in a fierce hug.

"I love you too," he replied, returning the hug. He then turned and hugged his father. Gilbert sighed in relief as he felt the tension leave Dominic's body.

Dominic pulled away from his father and looked back at the horizon. "Where are my parents buried? Are they buried here?"

"No. Your mother is buried somewhere in France. I'm not even sure where. We had your father buried in New York. That was his home, his life. He was buried in the Trinity Churchyard," Anne replied.

"You know, I do appreciate you telling me. I do love you both very much," Dominic said, smiling at his parents.

Gilbert sighed, glad that Dominic knew the truth. "Well, we'd better be heading back to the house before they send a search party out for us," he said as he stood. Dominic also stood up.

"You two go ahead. I'll be up in a few minutes," Anne said, staying on the ground.

"Are you alright mother?"

"Yes, I just want to think for a few minutes more. I'll be up to put the other children to bed in a few minutes."

Gilbert nodded as he and Dominic headed back to the house. For her part, Anne let go of the tears that had formed in her eyes. The ache she felt when she brought the memories of Jack back to the surface of her mind was hurting her heart. It was hard to believe he had been gone for almost 10 years.

Oh Jack, you would be so proud of your son. I wish he could know you. He would love you. Gilbert and I have kept our promise to you.

Anne got up and walked slowly back to the house, her memories ebbing away as the bright future beamed forth. Everything was going to be alright.

Thirty years later…

A middle aged man entered the cemetery, determination showing on his handsome face. He had come here for a reason. He swiped some blonde locks of hair off of his forehead. He found the headstone he was looking for and kneeled down.

"Hi dad," Dominic Blythe said, rubbing his hand over the writing on his father's headstone. "I'm here. I know its been 40 years since you've seen me, but I'm here. Mother and Dad took very good care of me. They kept their promise to you."

He looked around the cemetery, noting how neat the area was. He looked down again. "I miss you dad. I really wish I had been able to get to know you personally. I feel like I know you, from all that Mother had told me. But its not the same. I know you died a hero and you helped Mother find Dad during the war."

Tears began to fall down his face as he continued, "I'm glad you picked them to raise me. I have 6 wonderful brothers and sisters and a mother and father that care for me. You gave me the best gift, the gift of family."

The sun began to shine brightly through the trees, seeming to light up his father's headstone. "Thank you dad. You'll never be forgotten."

Dominic stood, brushing the grass from his pants legs. "I love you dad," he said softly, wiping the tears from his eyes.

He turned, and left the cemetery behind him.