1. Before he goes to take a shower, mix pink or any girly color dye in his shampoo bottle and watch him freak!

2. Dye all his clothes pink, so that when he goes to a captains meeting he gets weird looks!

3. Go up to Ichigo and tell him that Hitsugaya is madly in love with him!

4. Show the Shinigami Womens Association photoshopped picture of Ichigo and Toshiro making out!

5. When he's doing paperwork run into his office and throw the papers off the desk yelling: "TAKE ME NOW!" and watch him blush!

6. When its his birthday and your at his party yell out: "alright! who spiked the punch?!" as he's taking a drink!

7. Get him really drunk one night and dare him to kiss Ichigo, and if he doe do it, make sure to have a video camera to tape it!

8. One day when he's walking around the division follow him around with a video camera and talk like the croccadile hunter saying stuff like "Cryky mate! here is the ice dragon in his natural habitate stocking his prey..."

9. One day during the summer time go up to him and ask "Can I have some ice cubes please?!"

10. When he's talking to Matsumoto, sneek around the room and up behind him and say "hi, hi...hiiiiii..." act like a stalker and when he ask's what your doing glomp him and kiss his cheek saying "I love you taichou..." make sure Matsumoto has her camera to take pictures!