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Miss Darbus turned back, the little argument between Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton left her thinking, she had to do something about it, not only for the students, but the chemistry between Sharpay and Troy was amazing, the teacher was walking around the backstage part when Ryan Evans entered the place:

"Mr Evans im so glad you are here", some ideas came to Miss Darbus head, she knew how to fix things now.-

" Can we have a little chat please?" Ryan stared at her a little worried about the sudden enthusiasm shown by the teacher

" Yes Miss Darbus no problem", the woman took Ryan by the arm and started to walk to the scenario.

Sharpay arrived home early, year after year she stayed in the drama club after classes, it was weird being so early in her house, when she entered the place it was almost empty if it wasn't for the maid who was surprised to see her:

" Miss Evans, what are you doing here so early?" Sharpay smiled and just left her backpack in one of the huge sofas

" Don't worry Ann im fine, just got home early, where is my mom?" the maid returned to the kitchen followed by the girl who opened the fridge and took a bottle of juice

" She is at the country club playing cards with her friends, she didn't sayd when she was going to return" the old woman said as Sharpay just shrugged her shoulders and took a bag of cookies and a glass to pour the juice

" Ok, if she calls tell her that im home, im going to my bedroom I have homework to do"

Sharpay took her backpack and putted in her arm while grabbing the cookie bag and the glass carefully in the other, as she was going upstairs she felt her phone ring inside of her backpack so when she arrived in her bedroom she placed the glass and the cookies in her desk and took her phone she had two messages one from her brother and one from Troy, she dialed some number and waited for a response:

" Hey Ry! I told you I was coming home after classes, nope Im not returning to the drama club, Gaby took her place again and I don't wanna be there, I told you that, im glad the rehearsal went wrong hahaha, im just kidding bro, I don't wanna talk about that now, ok ok ill talk with Miss Darbus tomorrow but im not returning to the play"

The girl closed her expensive cellphone, her dog came quickly running to her bedroom and jumped onto her legs while she opened her laptop, she checked her mail and she had a few of them incluiding from her friends the "Sharpetts"

"Hey Shar Shar, how are ya girl? We are here in LA missing you, you need to rethink your idea of going to Juliard and join us next year in UCLA so you can get to the sunny side of the country"

xoxo the Sharpetts

Sharpay smiled at her friends mail, she never tough of going to any other place after the school than Juliard, but now that she was leaving the drama club and the play she didn't knew what she was going to do, all her life revolved around the drama club, but maybe now it was time to think about something else or, maybe her friends idea wasn't so bad, UCLA could be a good place to study acting but it seemed that her parents dream was her and her brother going into Juliard, and now she wasn't so sure about what they were going to think when she told them that she wasn't going to be on the play in front of the Juliard people, but all she knew was that she wasn't going to stay in this place with all the memories that it had, Sharpay started to type a mail to her friends while her toughs run like crazy

Troy was still in the school after 3 hours since the classes had finished, he first had basketball practice and then he had rehearsals of the play but his mood wasn't the best since the talk he had with Sharpay, he couldn't understand that girl, and the sight of Gabriella near to the piano wasn't helping him either, he knew that Sharpay leaving the play was his fault, and the saddest part was that she was right, everyone seemed quiet fine with the blond girl leaving the play and just letting Gaby her spot, and the original part she was going to play was going to be played by Tiara

"Troy" the boy almost jumped when someone patted his shoulder " Man you seemed to be far far away from here"

Troy tried to put his best smile Chad was looking at him worried " Common Chad Im just tired" Chad didn't seemed so convinced by his friend words

"You have been acting weird since Gabriella returned, whats wrong?" Troy didn't know what to say, as his friend could see hi was lying, Miss Darbus saw the two boys talking and walked to they side

"What are you two doing, this stage is not going to get ready by it self, and we don't have much time to do this! Go go" Miss Darbus rushed both boys to the work, she needed to talk with Troy about Sharpay and the play but this didn't seemed the right time as the teacher saw him walk to Gabriella's girlfriend side

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