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Italics are thoughts of the person who's P.O.V. it is.

Lissa's POV

I'm so scared, why haven't they killed me yet? Maybe they're trying to stretch it out, to make me actually beg for death. Well that's so not going to happen. Rose and Dimitri will save me right? They'll find me right? If they don't…ohh there'll be hell to pay.


Oh my CARLISLE (god hahahahahahaha funny isn't it?..i thought so)

I can't believe that we actually LOST lissa. Oh wait it was actually my fault…shit. Rose is so mad at me right now. I have to try to at least talk to her… tell her I'm sorry.

"Rose…." I tried to say…but she ignored me.

"Roza...listen to me… I'm so sorry I didn't mean to lose lissa, I thought I could save you both." She snapped her head around to glare at me. "save us both?!" she screamed "you aren't supposed to save us both….YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE HER…not me…dumbass"

Ouch that was cold….but she's right(I hate it when I'm wrong) "Roza I DID try to save her…only after I tried to save you." I mumbled the last few words so she could barley hear them and my faced turn bright red, you could fry an egg on my forehead. I really gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut, because Rose…boy did she react.

"WHAT!? YOU…" she stopped to breath…..it sounded like she couldn't think of a bad enough word to yell at me.

"Rose you can yell at me all you want later, but for right now please help me think of a way to find lissa wherever she may be." She looked at me blankly for a second, then smiled, god I love her smile. No bad Dimitri, bad stop thinking about her that way.

Her voice stopped my mental ranting.

``uhhh dimitri, lissa and I have a bond remember..i`ll just go into her mind and see where she is duh.`` oh yea I forgot they had a bond…Omg i`m so stupid today and, I looked at my watch, it`s not even 12 yet shit!

She had a distant look on her face, kind of like she was seeing other things that only she could see. Then I knew she was in Lissa`s mind. That means she must know where lissa is..that means we can find her..and THAT means Rosa will stop being mad at me, and I can show her how much I really love her.

Then Rose started screaming and sobbing. I ran over to her and shook her shoulder ``Rose, Roza are you ok…what`s happening…..is lissa hurt. tell me what's going on!`` I have never felt so helpless in my life.

When she finally spoke her voice was a shaky whisper. ``no..lissa`s fine…now. They're trying to torture her mind but since she stopped using spirit her mind is so strong to everybody except me it's not working, so they `re trying to get physical with her. They punched her in the stomach, and I….she can't breath`` she started crying again.

I tried to comfort her in anyway that I knew how, by saying ``Don't worry Roza. We'll find her, she'll be ok, we will all be ok, things will work out.`` my attempted words of comfort seemed to help, she stopped crying and wiped her eyes. Then she looked at me, there was a new look of determination in her eyes. She smiled, my mouth automatically smiled in encouragement back at her.

When she spoke again her voice was strong and sure `` we will find her. I know we will.``

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