My Messed Up Life – Rose's Love.


"Okay, I'll fight them off, you go get Lissa okay?" I asked Rose.

"But-" She tried to say

"Go!" I said sternly. I didn't mean to yell at her, but I

couldn't bear to have her in danger. She nodded and ran

off towards the shack. I turned to face the on coming

Strigoi. There were 6 of them, but it was obvious that they

Weren't going to fight me, not yet anyway. One of them,

Obviously the leader came forward.

"Hello, dhampir" he said in a cold tone.

"Cut the chit-chat strigoi," I hissed.

"Well don't you want to know my name? I'm sure you've

heard of me."

"I don't really care about who you are, or used to be."

"Oh you will." He stated

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because, you know my son and my sister."

"Do I?"

"Do the names Christian and Natasha ring a bell?" he

asked me.

"You're Lucas Ozera aren't you?"

"Indeed I am."

"Why did you kidnap Princess Dragomir?"

"Because, she's valuable, and she has a very close

relationship with my beloved son." He stated calmly.

"Everyone thought that you and Moira were dead."

"We pulled it off well don't you think? Don't you want to

know our reasoning?"

"I'm not interested in your reasoning."

"You're going to leave this place, immediately." He stated

I knew he was trying to use compulsion on me, but I

averted my face.

"Hmm, a strong will. You'd make a fine Strigoi."

"No I wouldn't. I'd rather die than become one of you."

"You will leave, now." He hissed

Again I averted my face. Lucas hissed angrily and nodded

towards one of his followers. The new one smiled and

walked over to me. In one swift movement, he broke my

arm. I let out a small hiss of pain, but otherwise remained


"Has your mind changed yet? Are you sure you don't

want to become one of us?"

"My answer will never change."

"Very well." He nodded again and the Strigoi swiftly

broke my other arm. It was dangerous to let it come to

that, if it came to down to a fight, I'd have a great

disadvantage. I glared at Lucas, my face not even

twitching from the pain. He smiled coldly at me.

"Finish him off, he's not worth my time. And after that,

find the other dhampir, the female." He smiled at me one

more time and turned on his heel and walked away. The

other strigoi walked towards me slowly, tauntingly. I toyed

with the silver stake in my pocket. I dodged the first hit,

but another hit me on the side of my head. I knew I would

need medical attention after this, but I didn't care. I

swiftly pulled the stake from my pocket and staked the

closest one to me. He fell like a stone in water. The others

hissed angrily. I laughed mockingly and staked another

one. That left three still standing there. Two started

running towards me, but I neatly dodged them and staked

them both. The last one standing, looked at me with

surprise. I smiled and staked him before he saw me

coming. That left Lucas around here somewhere, unless

he escaped. From the north, I heard an ear piercing

Scream. It was either Rose or Lissa, I couldn't tell. I ran

Towards the scream as fast as I could. There stood Lucas,

He held Rose by the arm. She had a dazed look on her

Face; she was under compulsion.

"Let her go!" Lissa screamed

"You have to give yourself up if you want me to let her


"Don't do it Lissa."

"Well, well, well look who survived 5 strigoi.

Congratulations dhampir."

"I don't need your praise." I hissed

"If you want to fight, we'll fight. But first"

He hit Rose over the head. Her body crumpled to the


"Rose!" Lissa and me screamed in unison.

Me and Lucas started circling each other, well not really

circling because I couldn't let him get any closer to Lissa.

"Are you sure you want to do this dhampir?" he asked


"Of course." I answered calmly. At some point, Rose

came around.

"You can do it Dimitri, I know you can. I love you."

"You do?" I asked without removing my eyes from Lucas.

"Of course I do."

"Awww isn't that sweet?" Lucas said mockingly.

"You're gonna be sorry you ever hurt her and Vasilisa." I

hissed venomously.

"Am I?" he taunted.

Rose's love gave me a new strength, a new hope. With

that, I moved into my battle stance.