Title: Handholding

Summary: One of the shortest poems you'll ever read. 9/Rose

Rating: K

Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who, shinyopals DoctorDonnaRose verse on LJ (look it up, it's brilliant) would be canon.

Dedication: To K8 Bee, a friend of mine and the person who happened to introduce me to this site (oh yes, I do remember). She's more a big HP fan but at one stage, she liked DW. So, this is for you. Your Doctor was always 9.

A/N: Way back in 2005, a certain show was reintroduced to our screens. In that same year when I was a more extreme D/R shipper, I wrote this poem (I think I was trying to do a cinquain or something. Turned out to be more of a warped version of one). I usually don't write poems and I still don't. But I do like this, in a weird way. So, because the year of 2008 is nearly over, consider this a New Years present. May we always look to the future with hope but never forget where we came from. Happy New Year!


Hand outstretched

Grasping for another

Slipping into a perfect match

Dragged off into the blue

Comforting, stroking

Feeling whole