Best Friends Since Pre-K

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I'm baaaack! Here is my AU fic featuring a young Ron and Shego who are growing up together as friends. This was largely inspired by my oneshot I Still Hate Him, and also by numerous fan comments.

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"Di, wait up!"

The slender, dark haired girl slowed down and began to jog in place as she waited for her friend.

"Why are you always so chipper in the mornings?" Ron asked breathlessly as he drew level with her. Slender too, almost skinny, Ron was two inches shorter than his friend Diana. He sported freckles and messy blond hair which seemed oddly appropriate with his pale complexion. He was also not quite as out of breath as he appeared and his grin showed that this was a game the two of them played together. Instead of answering his question, his companion raised one eyebrow and glared at him from large, gray-blue eyes.

"I hate it when you call me that," she complained. "If it was anyone other than you, you know they would end up in pain!"

"Well, why do you think I call you that at every opportunity?" Ron asked in mock surprise. In response Diana punched him on the shoulder, but lightly. It was really more of a tap.

"Ouch," Ron complained, rubbing the injured spot. "Martial artists are mean!"

"Are we including you in that category, Mr. Tai Shing Pek Quar?" Diana asked innocently, and Ron stuck out his tongue. This seemed to close the argument, or at least to put it on hold temporarily, and the two friends started off again toward school.

It was a bright, cloudless morning, stereotypically cheerful and filled with the songs of birds, heard faintly through the rush of Go city's traffic. As they walked, Ron glanced across at Diana. Her dark green backpack was slung over her shoulders and, like his, looked much too heavy for someone with such a slim frame.

Why did kids always have to get so much homework in school all the time? It was almost as though you were never really out of school. As soon as the bell rang, symbolizing sweet freedom, you ran home and, if you were like him, tried to forget about the homework piled up to your chin. Most of the time Diana and he would get together and help each other through their homework. After all, misery likes company. It wasn't all misery, of course. It somehow never was when you were with your best friend, no matter what you were doing.

They usually got together at his house, because his parents spent most of their time working and they either had the place to themselves, or felt as though they did. Besides, Diana's house was usually…difficult.

It was so beautiful today, Ron reflected. Everything around them seemed to speak eloquently of new life, regeneration and second chances. He glanced across at his companion again and smiled, attempting to communicate his feelings this morning; like his heart was soaring on gossamer wings. In return for his smile he received a conspiratorial wink from Diana. She didn't say anything, but the sparkle in her eyes was enough to let him know that they were on the same page.

The day before them was open, excepting school and the ever-present homework. It wasn't as though he and Diana were popular, exactly, but they had their circle of friends, and they generally found an empty table and somebody's deck of cards during lunch and played several rousing, and very loud, games of Bugger Bridge.

They rounded a corner, and the school came in site. It was fairly old and boxy with that ancient feeling gray stone lends to any edifice, but the building was lived up by the large, bay windows of the newly refurbished library and the budding branches of several white birches who seemed to kiss the sky with their feathery tips.

This was not a morning spent longing for things you couldn't have, or a morning when you wished you could stay home in bed and snuggle into your pillow. It was one of those rare mornings when the day seemed made for you. When every leaf, every cloud, every faceless pedestrian who passed you seemed a friend. This was a morning for enjoying everything you did and everything you saw around you.

These days never last, but a fact of that magnitude is too somber to exist on a morning such as this.

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