Best Friends Since Pre-K chapter 6

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The lunchroom was crowded, and it took a moment for Diana to spot Ron amid the crowds of rowdy students. He was sitting at a round table in a corner over near the windows. It was tucked away slightly and out of the general bustle of the busy room. The location had probably been intentional, and she felt a little rush of appreciation. It was nice to have someone looking out for you. She started towards him, but someone stepped into her path. Diana paused, looking the redhead over with apprehension. It would have been easier if she could lead up to this confrontation, but the universe was rarely that nice.

"It's such a relief to see you back in school, Sinclair." One dainty hand rested on a hip, and the head tilted to regard her. "I mean, it was such a shock for everyone. We all expected you to come back scarred or…." Hazel eyes swept up and down Diana, lingering on her exposed skin for just long enough to be noticeable before the girl finished. "Deformed."

"That's great, Abby. Thanks so much for your concern." Diana tried to keep her voice neutral, not wanting to rise to the other girl's attempts to get under her skin. She couldn't help the little trickle of sarcasm that found its way into her voice, however.

"Not at all," Abby continued, voice loaded with fake sympathy. "I just want you to remember that we all care about you. And I'm sure that…" her eyes darted back to Diana's skin, wide and innocent, "is just temporary, right?"

Diana's patience snapped. She felt an unpleasant heat trickle through her veins, but managed to keep the anger off of her face. She stepped briskly around the obstacle in her path, patting the other girl's shoulder as she passed.

"Good talk Abby," she said, as brightly as she could manage. Once she was clear, she made a beeline for Ron's table, making sure to maintain her neutral expression. Abby would probably remark on how rude she had just been, but Diana couldn't bring herself to care at the moment. All she wanted was to distance herself from Abby before the creep got even more obvious.

Ron looked up as Diana flung herself into the seat on the other side of the table. He had been reading over his copy of the script for 7 Stories while he was waiting, and must not have seen the confrontation.

"Are you okay?" he asked. Diana groaned softly. She shot a glance back the way she had come, and Ron followed her gaze to the redhead who had started heading off, probably to torment someone else. "Oh," he concluded, looking distinctly unhappy. "Di, I'm sorry. I should have…"

"Don't be sorry Ron," Diana interrupted. "You can't follow me everywhere. She was probably waiting for an opportunity."

"Yeah." Ron grimaced, eyes following Abby until she was out of sight. He looked back over at his friend, now digging through her backpack to find her lunch bag. Diana pulled the lid off of her pasta salad, digging her fork into the noodles rather viciously. "What did she say?"

"It could have been worse." Diana shrugged. She took a large bite of her salad, chewing thoughtfully before swallowing. "She pretended to be worried about me and stared a lot. I doubt that's the end of it though. She's got the whole weekend to think of new ways to call me a freak."

"Who cares." Ron unwrapped his tuna sandwich, but didn't take a bite. His eyes were on the table, and his voice was quiet. "She can always find something to make fun of. She just picks on us when she doesn't have anything better to do. Don't let it stress you out. She's not worth it."

Diana cracked a small smile at him. "I don't know that I can help the stress, but thanks Ron." She took another bite of her lunch, but more calmly this time. Her eye caught the open script on the table beside him. "How's memorizing going?"

The rest of the day was surprisingly low key. A few of Ron and Diana's friends and acquaintances were the only other people who approached her. Their conversations were awkward, but well meaning at least, and though it set Diana's teeth on edge, she responded to their concerns and questions. She could feel them looking at her face and hair, but no one asked about it. The looks and whispers from the student body continued through lunch and the afternoon classes, but no one else seemed to feel like confronting her. It still took a toll however, and by the time the final bell rang Diana was ready to drop. She and Ron grabbed what they needed from their lockers and made their escape from the school.

Diana let out a sigh of relief and stretched her arms high above her head. The afternoon sun was warm on her face and she felt relaxed for the first time that day. Ron grinned beside her, than flopped backwards onto the grass.

"I'm tired," he moaned. "I can't even imagine how you must be feeling."

"Yeah, I'm pretty done," Diana agreed. She nudged her friend in his side with one foot. "Get up, Stoppable. I need to find somewhere I can collapse without getting grass stains on my jeans."

"Sure." Ron rose obligingly. "I hope you don't mind collapsing in a restaurant or something though, because I'm taking you out for a treat. Where do you want to go?"

Diana blinked. She hadn't really thought of doing anything other than going home and locking herself in her room, but she realized suddenly that she didn't really want to do that. She had spent enough time in her room.

"It's Friday," she remembered. "How about a movie? We could get something to eat at the theater." And a movie theater would be dark.

"Sounds good. We can leave our backpacks at my place if you want. It's on the way."

"Alright," Diana agreed, slinging one arm around her friend's shoulders. "But if you're treating, than I get to choose the movie."

"The horror!" Ron raised his free arm in a mock-tragic gesture. Diana chuckled and started off down the sidewalk with her friend following. She pushed the frustrating day out of her mind. Right now, she just wanted to have some fun with her best friend.

When Diana got home it was almost seven in the evening. Both cars were missing, indicating that her parents were still out working. Her father would probably be home soon, but Diana remembered that her mother's law firm was working on an important case, so she would probably be out until at least ten.

Diana didn't mind. She felt better after snacks and the movie, which had ended up being a fun Godzilla remake, but she was tired, and she wanted some time to herself before bed. If she could just manage to dodge her brothers she would be in the clear. She unlocked then opened the front door and heard the sound of the television from the living room. It was the theme song from a cartoon she had heard before, so the twins were probably down there. She didn't remember the name of the show, but it was one of their favourites. She toed off her sneakers, maundering them onto the shoe mat with a few nudges of her feet.

"Hey sis, how was school?" Diana turned to find Mason standing in the kitchen door, his skinny arms crossed.

"So much fun," she said sarcastically. Her younger brother snorted in response.

"I'm sure it wasn't that bad. Everyone's just worried about us because the comet was on the news and we were all in the hospital. They'll calm down."

Easy for you to say, Diana mused, not without some resentment. You look normal. She didn't voice the thought.

"Where's Hugo?" she asked instead.

"Working late," Mason answered. "You know he's got that new job at Brad's Coffee. Wants to impress his girlfriend, I think." He waggled his eyebrows at her suggestively.

Diana rolled her eyes. Mason would love a girlfriend himself, but though he dated a lot of girls, none of them had stayed long enough for the title. He contented himself with making fun of Hugo's relationship at every opportunity. In Diana's opinion, Mason was too self-absorbed for anyone to want to date him for long. She moved past her brother into the kitchen and poured herself a glass or orange juice from the fridge.

"Where did you go after school anyway?" Mason asked. Diana frowned. It wasn't any of his business.

"To a movie," she said shortly. She put her empty glass in the sink and headed for the stairs. She should really do an hour of homework before bed, but she didn't feel like it. She was bone weary. Mason looked like he wanted to keep talking so she fixed him with an icy glare that made his mouth snap shut. As she climbed the stairs, Diana could hear him pick up the kitchen phone and start dialing someone, probably one of his friends.

Diana's room was reassuringly empty. She dumped her backpack beside her desk and lay down on her bed, on top of sheets and her blue comforter. She was so glad tomorrow was a Saturday. She felt like she could sleep for a week.

Slowly, Diana pulled off one of her gloves, than the other. In the warm light of her overhead her skin wasn't quite as noticeable as it had been in the washroom at school, but it still had that green tint to it. She pulled a lock of hair in front of her face, noting the green shine to the black strands. Would it fade, she wondered, or would she be like this forever? None of her brothers had changed like this. With a sigh she flung her arms above her head a stared up at the ceiling. She didn't want to think about this right now, or ever really.

After a minute Diana Sinclair got up and pulled on her pyjamas. She brushed her teeth and ran her wire brush through her hair, but she kept her eyes off of the mirror while she did it.

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Sorry if anyone thought the redhead was Kim. I thought I'd give Shego another reason why Kim got under her skin. Kim still lives in Middleton. It's just that Ron's family moved to Goh city when he was only a few years old. His father is an actuary after all, and he can work anywhere. And naturally, in this AU Ron and Shego are the same age, 15. Kim is probably 15 as well. I'm not sure whether I will have Kim in the story later, but possibly. I am considering.

In this story, I am treating Shego's brothers as though their skin and hair is normal when not using their powers/in their superhero identities. I remember seeing Hego looking normal while he was using his secret identity, and even though that may have just been a disguise, I like the idea of giving Shego another separation from her brothers and making things harder for her.

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