Sonic the puppy

Don't ya think seeing sonic protecting Amy is like a dog protecting its master. I own nothing and if I do I'll put in in bold.










"I hate the pound" Sonic said laying down. Tails was napping near the door, knuckles was betting against silver that if he can actually get his tails, which we all know for a dog is impossible. 100 years ago(just to make it more convincing) Sonic, sliver, knuckles, and tails were turned into household pets(well.. Maybe not silver and tails)until they can learn to love a girl. They will forever with that girl in order to gain back their duties controlling the chaos emeralds

Sonic the dominate one in the pack was a large husky with black fur( name one dog with naturally sonic blue fur and I'll give you a cookie) white paws, dark emerald eyes, and has a blue collar with no address just SONIC.

Tails, Sonic's sidekick, was a two fluffy tailed small kitten. Tails had golden fur, white paws, and white tips on his tails and has a orange collar with TAILS.

Knuckles(waz up knuckles) was a red fur English bull days with white paws and a red collar with KNUCKLES.

Silver was an orange colored mink (sorta like a weasel which was Sega's original character design. Check wikipedia and it'll say) with a fluffy silver mane. Silver has black paws and again a white collar with SILVER

What happened was…

Sonic was playing with the chaos emeralds on the alter, silver was meditating on steps. Tails was on a hammock drinking coconut juice, and knuckles was looking at some ancient scrolls. Then a gust of smoke appeared revealing yokoshima after the chaos energy. Sonic and silver tried to use the chaos energy while tails and knuckles fought him off. The master emerald glowed brightly purifying the island. Sonic and the rest were confused. The ME(master emerald which saves a lot of typing) revealed Tikal. She chanted something and everyone turned into animals. " the ME is enriched by the heart, you must find love in your heart to use the chaos emeralds" she said before walking off.

End of flash back


"100 years stuck like this. I'm not sure if there is a girl for me. Stupid pound, stupid emerald stupid Tik- wait she'll hear me" I scratched some fleas with my foot and decided to have some entertainment. If I can find someone to adopt me then I'll get out of this place. Hopefully not a lunatic. Wait I hear giggling, and I smell something some good like roses and honey. Delicious.



" finally I can get a dog. And I have my 3 BFFAE (best friends forever and eternity) to help me. I wanna get a one of these dogs. " Amy you are so lucky, I wanna a dog too to put braids and bows and dresses on" Rouge said to me squealing. I laughed. I've known rouge, Cream, and Blaze since I was Pre-kinder. I wore a Short jean skirt with a red halter top and some black high top converse. I wore my waist long hair down with a red head band with a black ribbon. " blaze what are you doing" I asked looking at a large husky. "petting this mink" she said. She just loves animals and cream loves nature. Blaze has always been the quiet one which is sometimes a drag but it helps a lot of the times. I'm a girl for dark colors and so is blaze. Rouge wears short outfits and is called "the sexy one" by the guys. Rouge is the major shopper she loves clothes and shoes and she's really rich. I am too but I don't like saying about it. cream is the School girl and is kind of preppy at times. She is sometimes called my sidekick but she doesn't mind. Blaze has been the quiet bookworm but will have go to parties on any day. I kind of like the black husky. Its strong, muscular and looks like a guard dog. For some reason I Wanna cuddle it in my arms. That's it. I'm getting the husky name sonic. Cool name too


Amy goes to the pound clerk and asks how much for the husky. The clerk will give it to her free and also Tails, silver, and knuckles cause he hates them. " ladies, choose your animal" Amy said. " I call the cat" "I call the mink" "I call the bulldog" All the girls buy a leash ad walk home


"not bad. " I think I might stick around for a little while. I her some guys whistling at her and I growl at them and yell out " BACK OFF SHE'S MINE"but it came out like loud barking. wait mine?. Why did I just get jealous. I know her name is Amy cause that blond rabbit called her that. But she is kinda hot and has a nice scent, has the body of a godess, and has long lean slender le- Wait bad thoughts, bad thoughts. Looks like we've arrived .


Amy's house was pretty large. It was a like a Spanish style mansion. It was light brown with dark brown windows. The entrance was a beautiful marble runway with Rose bushes all around. The house had 15 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a pool outside and inside(for the outside pool, look at pictures of Hearst's castle Neptune pool. I've been there. Its grand),a music studio, and a very large kitchen. Amy showed Sonic all around the mansion and then showed him her room. Her room was large with forest green walls covered with all her favorite artists and bands, the bed was king sized with light green and red sakura petals. She had a wooden desk with her computer and some books on it. She had a bookshelf, some guitars hanging on hooks, a Plasma TV in her room, a nice Vanity and then her large small roomed sized closet. "here boy, You can sleep on my bed if you like" Amy said. "with pleasure" Sonic jumped on the bed and started to fall asleep. Amy stroked his fur and decided to call Blaze about her mink.


"Damn, sonic got the hot hedgehog. Oh well. I got a cute kitty" Silver cuddled blaze's neck. Blaze slightly smiled and stroked his fur. She walked up to her house which was a floral shop and a apartment ontop. Her mom owns o flowershop while cream's mom owns a bakery. Her apartment was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom and everything else you need. Blaze walked up to her mom and held out silver for her. Blaze's mom Violet simpley smiled and placed silver on a flower and gave him a cracker. Blaze's mom looks like blaze only she has longer and darker fur. Her eyes were a beautiful soft yellow unlike blaze's amber eyes. She watched Blaze play with silver and tied a little green bow on him. "lets check up on Cream, okay silver" Blazed said putting him on her shoulder as she ran for hone

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