Rosella was asleep in her room

*In Rosella's dream*

Alice was there holding Rosella when she was about 3 or 4.
Alice:Hey Ella. You wanna go see daddy

David walked in the picture with Jenny
David:Hey Ella,
David grabbed Rosella from Alice. Alice looked at Jenny and then back at David and Rosella
Alice:David who is this?
He looked at Jenny

David:This is Jenny, my new girlfriend

David looked at the both of them then looked at Rosella
David:Honey, say bye-bye to mommy
Alice got up and hugged and kissed Rosella
Alice:Bye honey
David and Jenny left with Rosella

Nicole took some pills and fell asleep and moments later Alice woke up and couldn't breath. As she gasped for air she collapsed.

*Out of Rosella's dream*

Rosella woke up. and looked around

Melinda and Jim were in the kitchen the door bell walked to answer it. When she opened it. Rosella, David, and Jenny were there.
Rosella: i wanna to know more about my mother

Everyone was in the living room. Including Alice
Rosella:I know my mom O.D.
David looked at Rosella
David:Who told you that?

Rosella:I had a dream. You called me Ella.
David laughed
David:Your mother made it up the day you were born. After she died we all stopped calling you Ella.
Rosella:I also know she was a few years older than me when she died. and you looked about 21

David nodded
David:Yeah i was almost 22.
Alice looked real close at Rosella
Alice:tell Ella that she looks just like i did at her age.
Melinda:Your mother said that you look just like her when she was your age.
Rosella laughed

Alice:Ask jenny why did she pretend that she was Ella's mom.
Nicole:Alice wants to know why you pretended that you were her Rosella's mother
Jenny sighed and looked at Rosella.
Jenny:Rose. you know that i love you more than anything in the world right
Rosella nodded and smiled

Rosella: I found out that i wasn't able to have children and i saw that you needed a mother so i was pretended that i was your mother but i love you like you are my real baby
Alice:But she's my Baby! They should have told her that her mother was dead
Melinda:she said that you should have to her Rosella about Alice. She thinks Rosella should have known
David:I know and Alice I'm so sorry but i could tell that she always knew some thing was wrong with the family

Rosella:But your my real mother and i do love you
Nicole and Melinda started to cry.
Alice looked at the wall
Alice:Is that light for me?
Alice popped next to Rosella. She kissed her check then popped in front of the window looked outside then back at them
Alice:Tell her that I'll always be with her and I love her
Melinda: I will.

Alice walked into the light and vanished
Nicole went to Melinda and Jim hugged them both
Nicole:I love you.
They all three hugged each other