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Your name is Sakura and you are the luckiest girl in Konoha. Your teammates, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, are fighting over you.

You (along with almost every other girl in the village) have been in love with Sasuke since you were small. But you are his teammate and therefore the closest to him. You know that he is destined to fall in love with you.

You never pay much attention to Naruto, preferring to spend most of your time flirting with your dark haired teammate but the way he constantly asks you out which is very flattering. You find it cute how he follows you around like a love-sick puppy.

You enjoy how Sasuke glares at Naruto every time he asks you out, even though he never asks you out himself. You assume he must be to shy to ask you out himself. (You ignore the disappointed look he gets every time he has to pair up with you and not Naruto during a mission. When you do see the disappointment in his eyes, you tell yourself that Naruto is his rival and he just wants to get revenge on the blonde for something he must have done earlier to the raven.)

You aren't bothered when Sasuke turns you down whenever you ask him if he would like you go out to eat with you. You ignore how Sasuke turns around and invites Naruto go get something to eat with him.

You only see the two boys rivalry. You don't see that their spars aren't quite as harsh or their insults lack the edge they used to have. You ignore the fact that their arguments end in amusement rather than hurt feelings.

You don't notice when Naruto begins to sound like he is just asking you out because its a routine and he is expected too. You don't notice when he stops following you everywhere and asking you for a date.

You don't notice how you get a muttered greeting from the Uchiha while the blonde gets a half smile and an actual 'hello'. You don't notice when Naruto's greetings to you become less enthusiastic.

You don't notice how Sasuke and Naruto begin to seem inseparable. You don't see how they go everywhere together, even on the days they don't have to train (even though they always end up sparing anyway).

You ignore the way blue eyes glare at you when you flirt with the stoic male. You ignore the way black eyes glare whenever you hit the energetic blonde for getting on your nerves. You ignore the way their eyes linger on each other and how they can have a conversation with just their expressions and body language.

You ignore the blushes they each begin to sport whenever they accidentally brush against one another. You ignore how they seem to take too long to gather firewood or water when their out on a mission. You ignore how they don't seem to mind having to share a room when staying at an inn (but they do seem to mind when they have to bunk with Kakashi).

You tell yourself you are not really seeing your two teammates in the shadows of the trees at the training ground where Team 7 had their first training exercise, bodies closely entwined and mouth's busy. You tell yourself that you must be more exhausted than you thought as you flee towards your home.

You ignore the marks on their necks when you meet at the bridge the next morning.

Your name is Sakura and you are happy in your state of denial. Because there is no way that Sasuke and Naruto are in love with each other and not in love with you.


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