Seussical the Musical:

Kingdom Hearts Style

An Adaptation


Captain A

Part 1:

"Oh The Thinks You Can Think"

Author's Note: Alright, I know that I'm not the first person to have this particular idea, but I think that I have come up with something here that others haven't by making an entire script out of this concept. The approach I'm taking here is based on clips I've seen on YouTube of a production from a mall in the Philippines. This production had a total of just twelve actors, and was especially innovative because it presented Jojo, the boy who imagines the musical's storyline, as being one of several mall pedestrians, and having the rest of the pedestrians turn into the Dr. Seuss characters in the opening number. My idea is similar to that production, but it features sixteen actors instead of twelve, and it is set at a video game/anime convention instead of a mall. The company, with the exception of the Cat in the Hat, are cosplayers dressed as Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy characters. This script is being written here in the hopes that it can one day be actually performed at one of these same conventions. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are in their Kingdom Hearts 2 outfits here. The Gullwings have their KH2 outfits but their Final Fantasy X-2 sizes. Finally, before any of you point this out in your reviews, I know that some of the characters I have chosen here have not yet made it into a Kingdom Hearts game yet, but they fit the personalities of the Dr. Seuss characters rather well, and who's to say they won't appear in another KH game in the future? Not that's all been said, sit back and enjoy my interpretation of one of my favorite Broadway musicals.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dr. Seuss, or Seussical the Musical. They all belong to their respective creators and owners.

Cast List-


The Cat in the Hat-Axel

Horton the Elephant-Sora

Gertrude McFuzz-Kairi

Mayzie LaBird-Namine

The Mayor of Whoville-Leon

The Mayor's Wife-Rinoa

The Sour Kangaroo-Lulu

General Genghis Kahn Schmitz-Adelbert

Bird Girls-Yuna, Rikku, and Paine

Wickersham Brothers-Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz

The Grinch-Riku

(The show opens with a stage made out to look like a video/anime convention. As the Overture plays, several convention-goers, dressed as Square Enix video game characters, mill about the stage looking at the exhibits and conversing with one another. All of them are having a good time-except a teenage boy, dressed as ROXAS, who seems to be rather gloomy and bored. As the Overture ends, all of the convention-goers exit, with the exception of Roxas, who remains behind. He stands alone on stage for a moment, silently withdrawn into himself, until his attention is captured by the familiar red-and-white striped Seussian hat, which has been placed at Center Stage. Roxas goes over to it, picks it up, and begins looking at it.)

Roxas: Now that is a very unusual hat.
I wonder what's under a hat such as that.
It could be a creature they call the Ga-Zat
Who balances things on his head, cause it's flat.
Or a stripe-loving Pipester from Upper Mount Bat.
Or a sort of a kind of a hat-wearing...

(AXEL-or a man dressed like him-enters and finishes Roxas's sentence for him.)

Axel: Cat!

(He goes over to Roxas, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.)
I can see that you've got quite a mind for your age!
Why, one Think and you dragged me right onto the stage!
Now, I'm here, there is no telling what may ensue

(He takes the hat from Roxas.)

With a Cat such as me…

(He puts the hat on.)

And a Thinker like you!

(Music begins as Axel starts to dance. Roxas stares at him in a state of disbelief.)

Oh, the thinks you can think!
Oh, the thinks you can think
If you're willing to try...

Think invisible ink!
Or a gink with a stink!
Or a stair to the sky...
If you open your mind,
Oh, the thinks you will find
Lining up to get loose...
Oh, the thinks you can think
When you think about


(The music swells as the rest of the convention-goers enter one by one and form a line behind Axel, who is now THE CAT IN THE HAT.)

Convention-Goers: Seuss!

Seuss! Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!


Oh, the thinks you can think!
Any thinker who thinks
Can come up with a few!

Axel/Cat: Oh, the thinks you can think!

Convention-Goers: Think a trip on a ship
To the Vipper of Vipp
Or to Solla Sollew...

Think of beautiful schlopp-

Axel/Cat: With a cherry on top!

Convention-Goers: You don't need an excuse!
Oh, the thinks you can think
When you think about Seuss!
Seuss, Seuss, Seuss,

(The convention-goers come forward one by one and are handed objects from off a nearby booth by Axel/the Cat as they sing their respective lines. The objects they receive here are additional pieces of their costumes that they will attach to themselves once they become Dr. Seuss characters.)

Sora: Think of an elephant up in a tree

Leon & Rinoa: Think of a person too tiny to see

Kairi: Think of a bird with a one-feather tail

Gullwings: Going on adventure down a dangerous trail!

Namine: Think a bird who flies off on a spree!

Lulu: Think of a kangaroo, sour as can be!

Adelbert: Think of a general crazy for war!

Riku: Think of something horrible and hairy!

Kadaj, Yazoo & Loz: Something sinister and scary

Convention-Goers: That you never dared to think of before!

(The stage goes dark, except for a single spotlight on Roxas, as the convention-goers slowly and spookily gang upon on him.)

Axel/Cat: Think of nobody here
And the feeling of fear
And the darkness of night

Convention-Goers: Oooh Oooh...

Axel/Cat: All alone in the gloom

As you're facing your doom

Think a glimmer of light!

(The lights come back up again as the convention-goers back away from Roxas.)

Convention-Goers: Aah Aah!

Axel/Cat: But I hope you're prepared
To be scareder than scared!

Convention-Goers: 'Cause this ain't Mother Goose!

Axel/Cat: Think right over the brink!

All (except Roxas): When you think about Seuss!

Seu... Seu...
Seu-u-u-uss Seuss!
Seuss! Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!

(The convention-goers split into two groups. Leon, Rinoa, Riku, and Adelbert move to Stage Left, and Roxas, who by now has been drawn into the number and is even beginning to enjoy himself a little bit, goes to join them. Sora, Kairi, Namine, Lulu, the Gullwings, and KYL [Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz] move to Stage Right. Axel/the Cat moves to Center Stage and stands between the two groups.)

Axel/Cat: An unusual story will soon be unfurled

(Indicates Group 2 at Stage Right)

Of an elephant trying to save a small world

(Indicates Group 1 at Stage Left)

And a boy from that world who has troubles galore...

Full Company: Just think!

Group 1/Whos: From the Planet of Who

Roxas(Stepping forward): And the smallest of small.

Group 2/Jungle Animals: To the jungle of Nool

Sora(Stepping Forward): And the largest of all!

Full Company: You think
And think and think and think and think
and think
And think and think and think and think
and think
And think and think and think and think
and think
And think and think and think
and think!

Just think!

(The two groups join together again and form another line across the stage, with Axel/the Cat and Roxas in the middle. They all face the audience and sing.)

Oh, the thinks you can think
Think and wonder and dream
Far and wide as you dare!

Roxas: Oh, the thinks you can think!

Full Company: When your thinks have run dry,
In the blink of an eye
There's another think there!
If you open your mind,
Oh, the thinks you will find
Lining up to get loose!
Oh, the thinks you can think

KYL: Oh, the thinks you can think

Full Company: Oh, the thinks you can think!

Gullwings: Oh, the thinks you can think!

Full Company: Oh, the thinks you can think
When you think about Seuss!
When you think about Seuss!
When you think about-

Axel/Cat: Break it down now!

(The entire group dances wildly, in freestyle fashion, scatting on the word "Seuss". Lulu herself riffs loudly on the word "Seuss".)

All (Except Lulu): Seu-u-u-u Seu ... Seu.. Seuss! Seuss! Lulu: SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seu ... Seu.. Seuss! Seuss! Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seu-u-u-u Seuss! Seuss! Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seu-u-u-uss Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seuss! Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seu-u-u-u-u Seu ... Seu ... Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!
Seuss! Seuss! SEUSS! SEUSS!

Axel/Cat: Seuss!

(The company forms a tableau around Axel/the Cat.)

All (Except Axel/the Cat): SEUSS!

Just so you all know, I was originally going to post the entire script up here on this website, but since I'm not even finished with it yet and I wanted you all to see some of this, I've decided to post what I've already written here up in parts and start posting up the rest of this once I've made more progress on it. In the meantime, I hope you like what I've already written.

Let me know what you think through reviewing this fic.

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Expect the next installment of this soon!