Seussical the Musical:

Kingdom Hearts Style

Part 6:

A Day For The Cat In The Hat

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(After a moment, however, Axel/the Cat suddenly bursts onto the stage again, this time wearing a straw vaudevillian hat in the place of his usual striped one and carrying a wooden cane in one hand. He immediately goes over to Roxas/Jojo and glances down at him for a moment before speaking. Roxas/Jojo, who has neither seen nor heard Axel/the Cat enter, is startled a bit when he suddenly hears a voice coming from right next to him.)

Axel/Cat: You're sad! Oh, dear!
Well luckily for you, the Cat is here!

(Vaudeville-style music begins to play as Axel/the Cat starts to sing and dance, and very much in a style reminiscent of Gene Kelly.)

Think of a day that is rainy and gray and as dull as they come.
And there is nobody there and you're kickin' a chair and it's oh so ho hum!
Nothin' to do and nobody but you, on a day that is flatter than flat.
Well, that is a day for the Cat in the Hat.

(One of the stagehands briefly appears on stage and tosses a large beach ball to Axel/the Cat, who catches it. The stagehand exits and Axel/the Cat places the ball on stage. He then climbs on top of it and balances on it while continuing to sing and even juggling his cane in the air.)

Think of a house that is small as a mouse and as neat as a pin.
Oh, it's so tiny and clean, if you know what
I mean, and your folks are not in!
No one but you since a quarter to two and you've sat and you've sat and you've sat!

(He suddenly falls off of the ball, and lands onto the stage right on his bottom. He picks himself up, rubs his bottom for a moment, and then kicks the ball off of the stage before resuming his song.)

The Cat in the Hat in the Hat in the Hat in the Hat!

(The Gullwings appear to Axel/the Cat's right, also in straw hats and canes. They are at the moment playing Axel/the Cat's HELPER CATS.)

Gullwings/Helper Cats: The Cat

(KYL, also Helper Cats, appear to Axel/the Cat's left.)

KYL/Helper Cats: And the Cat

(Adelbert appears directly in front of Axel/the Cat as yet another Helper Cat.)

Adelbert/Helper Cat: And the Cat

(Lulu appears directly behind Axel/the Cat as one last Helper Cat.)

Lulu/Helper Cat: And the Cat

All The Helper Cats: In the Hat!

(The Helper Cats form a semi-circle around Axel/the Cat, and they all dance in unison. Roxas/Jojo moves off to one side and watches them dance.)

Axel/Cat & Helper Cats: Think of a day that is rainy and gray and I'll show you some tricks!
'Cause there is no one but you and you're folks aren't due til a quarter past six!
Bounce on the brink of whatever you think and oh, what could be better than that?!

And that is the fun of the Cat in the Hat!

(Instrumental dance break, during which the dancing of the Cats becomes more and more raucous and chaotic-looking, yet somehow they manage to remain in unison the entire time. Roxas/Jojo continues to watch them at first, but eventually becomes annoyed and disgusted at the sight of their dance, and turns his back on them even as they continue to dance. Finally, the dance break draws to a close as the Cats all link arms and go into a kick line.)

Axel/Cat: Let's take it home!

Axel/Cat & Helper Cats: You've got a mind that is one of a kind so why hide it away?!
It's time to open the locks and think out of the box and today is your day!
Bounce on the brink of whatever you think and oh, what could be better than that?

And that is the fun of the Cat...

(They stop their kick line for a moment, and the Helper Cats all point at Axel/the Cat, while the latter simultaneously points at himself with a great smirk on his face.) the Hat!

(The Cats resume their kick line for a moment—albeit much more raucously than before, and then they all pose together as the number ends.)

Axel/Cat: The Cat in the Hat!

(Once the applause is over, everyone exits but Axel/the Cat and Roxas/Jojo. Two stagehands enter while the Helper Cats are exiting, and give Axel/the Cat his regular striped hat back in exchange for his straw hat and cane. Once this is finished, the stagehands exit and Axel/the Cat puts his striped hat back on. He then heads over to Roxas/Jojo, who still has his back turned to him.)

For those of you who don't know, "A Day For The Cat In The Hat" was an actual song from the original Broadway production of "Seussical" (and was even on the original cast recording), but when the show revised into its current form during its national tour run the song was cut out and replaced with another song that will appear in the next chapter. I like this song, however, and since some other productions of "Seussical" have chosen to include this song in their versions of it as well, I decided to include it in my version as well.

I'll try my best to have another part of this fic uploaded before the week is out, but first I'm going to try and upload another installment of my new fic "Sonic in Wonderland" first. I hope that you'll all like what I have planned for this new fic and that you'll get a laugh or two out of it as well.

Until next time, catch you all later!