the ways we went and the roads we took,

couldn't have been wronger,

and i know i regret every minute of it,

you killed her,

and at first even though it hurts and i'm disgusted by it,

i would have forgiven you,

because you once said it yourself,

i can't be alone,

i'm afraid to be alone,

but you were gone, a missing person to human minds

but i knew you were running, or hiding, either way i know you'd correct me,

but all the same

i loved you

and you killed me for it,

even if not directly

but i would have forgiven you

but leaving me alone for 9 years left a scar,

no, a gash

yes, a bleeding gash across my heart

so when we finally met again

for the most part i was silent

but that part of me that was still a certain 16 year old omnyoji,

rejoiced to see you again,

but the part of me that hated you for making me live alone,


and so inturn,

i fought you with a passion

that despite my best effort was truly a passion of love

i know thats sounds sadistic,

but i know you know you know i'd never be able to hurt you

now, under a Sakura tree (one i hoped wasn't possessed like the last one)

and wait for you to appear,

for i know you will

and again that 16 year old me was terrified at the mere thought of hurting you

i know we took a wrong turn,

but i still to this day

love you

and i need you

and i try to say this

but you attack and my heart frozen forever as that 16 year old who was obbssessed with you, cries,

these games you keep playing are breaking me, and i can't take much more of this,

seishiro i love you, i just want to fix this,

i don't care about the fate of the world,

i just want you