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Rogue and Wanda are sitting within a café.

"Ah have mah own room now."

"That's good."

"Yeah," says Rogue sighing, "Ah just wish it wasn' because mah roommate said Ah was goin' suck her dry."

"Cause you surely want her preppy ditzy thoughts in your head," says Wanda sarcastically. "At least you don't feel like someone's hiding something from you."

"Yeah, so how are yah doin' with yahr dad an' brother?"

"Ok, I guess I just don't know why our relationship was strained in the first place."

"If it were meh it would be over that asylum they stuck yah in."

"What asylum?" asks Wanda angrily getting up.

Rogue confused says, "Well the professor said that yah were in one…"

"What, ahhh," says Wanda gripping her head in pain.

"Wanda, what's wrong?" says Rogue getting up and going over to her friend.

Wanda doesn't answer, but passes out. Before she hits the ground though a gust of wind comes and she's gone. "Well that's weird," says Rogue as she grabs her and Wanda's things to take back to the Brotherhood. As she picks up Wanda's purse she remembers that there's a training session that day. "Shit, Ah'll check on her later, Pietro an' them will take care of her. Logan'll kill meh if Ah'm late."

Rogue makes it to the Danger Room right on time to find only Jean and Scott there and very upset.

"Where's Logan?" asks Rogue figuring that the others were just running late.

"He's on a personal mission. Where were you? Practice started an hour ago," says Scott.

"What do yah mean, it started an hour ago? Practice always starts at six."

"It usually does, but with Logan gone today. I changed it to five."

"Well no one told meh so how was Ah suppose tah know."

"I announced it this morning at breakfast. If you'd been there you'd have known."

"Well Ah wasn'. So again how was Ah suppose tah know?"

"Kitty said she told you," says Jean.

"Well she didn'. Actually, Ah haven' talked tah her since she moved intah yahr room."

"Are you calling her a liar?"

"Yes, if she really told yah that then she lyin'. She never told meh about the time change."

"I'm sorry Rogue, but I just don't believe that. You're going to have 6 am Danger Room session for a week and clean up duty for a month for not coming to practice today."

"You can't punish me. One, 'cause it's not mah fault and two, 'cause only Ms. Munroe, Logan, Mr. McCoy an' the Professor can punish any of the students."

"We already talked to the professor and he agreed that you deserved to be punished for not showing up on time…."

"Ah can' believe this," screams Rogue as she proceeds to walk out of the Danger Room.

"Rogue, get back here we're not done discussing this yet."

"Screw yah!" screams Rogue as she stomps out of the Danger Room and heads out of the mansion to give Wanda her stuff back.

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