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John wakes up after going back to sleep to see Remy looking strangely at his flamethrower.

"What is it mate?"

Remy chuckles and says, "Those girls are good. Too bad, Remy's better."


Remy points to a small device attached to the flamethrower.

John jumps up and says hysterically, "What is that on my baby?!"

Remy laughs and says, "A tracking device."

John goes over to his flamethrower and cuddles it saying in chocked up voice, "It'll be alright Sheila. I'll take care of you. I'll make sure everything'll be alright."

Remy after seeing John's reaction says comfortingly, "Mon ami don' worry. The device won' do anything to harm y'r flame…"

John glares at him and Remy sighs, "Sheila. It also gives us the edge in this."

"How?" says John still pouting.

Remy just smirks and explains to John his plan lifting John's mood exceedingly.

After the Danger Room session was over Kurt raced back to his room even though he was tired he knew he had to get ready to leave. He had to protect Jamie. 'For Rogue,' thought Kurt as he packed his clothes and everything he held dear to him, like the picture of him and Rogue with Jamie and the rosary beads his mother gave him after his first communion. Once Kurt was packed and had left a note in Mrs. Munroe's room explaining the situation so she wouldn't worry, he snuck down the hall to Jamie's room. He quickly opened the door and went in.

Jamie's shocked at first to see Kurt enter his room, but is cautious at the same time. He knows that people blame him for the Danger Room sessions and he has no idea as to what Kurt's reactions will be.

"What do you want?" he asks Kurt.

"We need to leave, now, before anyone notices and tries to stop us. Get your things together quickly," says Kurt ignoring the question.

Jamie takes a second look at Kurt and notices the duffle bag in his hands for the first time. He quickly nods his head at Kurt and quickly grabs his bag out from under the bed and a picture of him and Rogue with Wanda from his night stand.

"How are we going to get out of here without anyone noticing?" asks Jamie.

Kurt holds out his hand and smiles, "The mutant way of course."

Jamie laughs and takes Kurt hand allowing him to port them both out of there right before Ororo could stop them. As she enters the room all she is able to see is a cloud of smoke. She falls to her knees crying and thinking, 'I failed them.'

Later at a small hotel in the middle of nowhere, Rogue and Wanda are trying to call Jamie.

"What do you mean the phone's not in service?" screams Wanda.

"Ah mean that Ah'm not gettin' any bars an' therefore can' call anyone," says Rogue irritably.

"Well, why don't we use the hotel's phone?"

"Can', Ah already asked an' their phones went out due tah a storm earlier this week an' won' be repaired 'til tomorrow afternoon."

"I can't wait until then what if something is wrong with Jamie. How will we be able to help him? What if he tries to call us? What…"

"Wanda, there's nothing we can do at the moment. Please calm down though we'll just call Jamie tomorrow. Ah'm sure he's fine an' we're both worryin' over nothin'. Okay."

Wanda glared at the wall, but didn't argue knowing that Rogue was probably right. She just had a weird feeling like something bad was going to happen to ruin everything they worked so hard for.

Rogue breaks the silence and says, "Now let's try an' see if weh can track Magneto's lackeys straight to him."

Wanda merely smiles and helps Rogue monitor the tracking equipment, which interestingly enough consisted mostly of a small portable device, made by Forge or at least that was what Rogue claimed due to the fact that Wanda had yet to ever meet the man.

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