Disclaimer: Leverage doesn't belong to me.

Rating: PG - gen (vaguely slashy if you wanna lean that way)

Continuity: none

Characters: Eliot Spencer, Nathan Ford

Summary: Eliot has an eye for details.

Note: For the geteven_getfic Drabble Challenge on Livejournal.

Prompt: Seven Virtues - Hope. 100 words.


Eliot has an eye for details. Tactical awareness is the difference between success and failure, between life and death. But it isn't just about exits in a building or the number of hostiles in an area. It's about watching for change.

Nate likes to dose his morning coffee with a shot of Johnnie Walker Red. The man has more sample bottles of Jim Beam stashed away than a whole floor's worth of hotel mini-bars.

But with every job, Nate's eyes grow clearer and clearer. Eliot knows the difference between hiding better and getting better.

There's hope for Nathan Ford yet.