A/N: My first ever Lord of the Rings fiction! I am super psyched! I really hope that you guys like it. First I am going to give a short physical description of my OC's just incase I don't remember to do it entirely in the course of the story.

Amelia Riverend: Long wavy dark red hair and smokey green eyes. Approximately 5 foot 6 inches (this is about how tall I think Arwen is, correct me if I am wrong). Almost always wears trousers and a shirt. Her sword ... does not yet have a name (I am open to suggestions).

Chelsea and Amber Halberd: Both wear their hair shoulder length. They are identical twins with brown-black hair and amber eyes. However Amber's eyes are a slightly darker shade that her sisters as they are touched with light brown. Amber is highly energetic while Chelsea is usually very reserved. They are 5 ft 4. Amber also has a nose stud which is evidence of her slight spontinuity.

Jeremy Townsend: The only male of the party. His hair is chestnut brown while his eyes are a shade of dark blue (refered to as sloe). he just scrapes 6 feet tall but makes up for it in his build as he is very athletic and like Amelia already knows how to use a sword in combat. His sword does not yet have a name either... I really can't think of even a tentative one.



Chapter 1

The roar of the engines cut as Amelia removed her helmet and looked around confused, "Jeremy where the hell are we?" she called back from her midnight blue quad.

Jeremy removed his helmet as well so that he could be heard properly, "I haven't got a clue. The trail just disappeared. This doesn't look like any place I've ever been in Montana." He shook his head in confusion causing his mop of chestnut brown hair to flop around and his comma shaped bang to fall in his face.

"Maybe we should go back." Amber said her yellow eyes spoke of her nervousness as she swept some loose strands of her ebony hair behind one ear.

Chelsea her twin asked, "can we go back?" they all looked back. There was no sign of the mountainous trail that they had been riding only moments before. Then they heard the sound of hoof beats and looked up to see a galloping white horse with two riders being pursued by nine black ones. Amelia immediately realized where they were; this scene was just all too familiar to be coincidence. But there was time enough to ponder that later.

"Come on! She needs help!" she called before ramming her helmet back on her head and revved the engine of her machine. As they neared the riders Amelia saw that her guess had been correct. It was Arwen and she was racing to get Frodo to Rivendell. The teen revved the gas and her friends immediately understood her plan. She roared up to the right and rear of the back most rider with Jeremy on the left spooking the horse and causing it to try to buck it's rider and fall back. Jeremy moved off to the right and forward while Amelia moved up to the next rider. She approached the next Nazgul who hissed at her and unsheathed his sword swinging at her head. Luckily the girl was quick to duck it and move up to the one that was neck and neck with the elf. As the Rider reached out to Frodo, Amelia revved her engine startling the horse as Arwen pulled her horse right. Luckily for Amelia and the others they crossed the river at roughly the same time as Arwen or they would have been stuck on the other side with the Nazgul. The four of them cut their engines. They heard the Rider they supposed was the Witch King of Agnar hiss, "give us the Halfling she-elf."

Arwen's eyes narrowed, "if you want him come and claim him!"

Jeremy revved his engine, the noise made the horses hesitate longer as Elrond's daughter continued to chant her spell. As the Nazgul were washed down stream Amelia once again removed her head gear and raced towards Arwen who was knelt over Frodo. As Amelia approached Arwen looked up a single tear trailing down her beautiful face. Amelia did not waste time.

"What can we do to help?"

The elf gazed at her for only a moment as if trying to gage whether or not they were in league with the Nazgul, "Your beasts, they are faster than horses?" Amelia nodded, "then you must get him to my father, this road will lead you." She explained as Amelia remounted her quad. They carefully arranged Frodo in front of the teen. As Amelia was about to replace her helmet the elf stopped her, "wait! You must take this as proof that I sent you." She removed an amulet from around her neck that had, Amelia supposed, the crest of Rivendell on it. She nodded gravely to the elf placing the amulet around her neck. Replacing her helmet she lead them off towards Rivendell as fast as she could.

"My Lord Elrond! Four beings approach on strange beasts. What should be done?"

The Lord of Rivendell thought quickly and decided on a course of action, "position our warriors around the main courtyard. Do not attack until their purpose is clear." Elrond himself took a place with a good view of the gate as the four noisy beasts roared into the courtyard. One rider removed their helmet revealing them to be a human female of about twenty and one years. Her dark red wavy hair seemed to float about her as she threw her gaze around the courtyard.

Amelia could not see even a hint of anyone, "Hello? My name is Amelia we are in need of aid. This Halfling is gravely wounded." Then she pulled out the amulet, "we are friends, sent by Lady Arwen."

Now Elrond revealed himself to her, "if that is so then you will not mind stepping away from your beasts."

The girl blinked then turned to her companions, "Jeremy help me get him down." The Elf Lord now saw the hobbit perched before the young woman. Her company now removed their helmets revealing two identical looking women and a young gentleman who was now helping to get the Halfling down. Elrond now approached with his elves and immediately realized how dire the hobbit's need was. He gave orders quickly in elvish then turned to the humans his eyes falling momentarily on his daughter's pendant.

"You are indeed sent by my daughter, however you will have to remain here under guard until I return. I shall take the Halfling now." Amelia nodded her understanding. The boy was about to argue but she silenced him with a look. It was obvious to all present who the leader of the party was. There were several moments of silence as the teens looked at their guards. One of the elves left behind approached Jeremy's quad, which Mia could see was in neutral. She could have cursed this stupidity but could not really blame her friend for it.

"I wouldn't do that," she warned the elf as he went to press the gas. He just sneered at her and pressed it anyway. The engine revved and suddenly there were a dozen bows were aimed at the machine. Amber and Chelsea were too awed by the speed of the elves to do anything but Amelia quickly moved between the elves and their target, "N'ndengina ta!"(don't kill it) she called then returned to English, "just give me a moment okay?" she noticed one elf's eyes sparkled with something akin to amusement as he nodded. She quickly moved over and turned the machine all the way off, thanking her lucky stars that Jeremy had not left it in drive or the quad would have been dead for sure.

The elf with amused eyes spoke to the one who had sneered at Mia, "next time mellon nin(my friend) perhaps you should listen to the human." He now turned to Amelia, "my name is Haldare, Captain of the Warriors of Rivendell."

"I am Amelia Riverend and these are my companions Jeremy Townsend, and Amber and Chelsea Halberd."

Shortly after introductions had been made, the rest of their guards were also introduce, Arwen arrived and Elrond returned so they had to be made again on Amelia's end. The Elf Lord also reported that Frodo had arrived just in time and it seemed very likely that the hobbit would survive. Amelia and her friends were given rooms around a small common sitting area where they now sat to discuss their situation.

"Does anyone have any idea how we got here?" Jeremy started. He was very confused by all of this, where as Mia had decided to take it all in stride.

Their leader sighed, "not a clue but that doesn't really matter now that we are here."

"Yeah," Amber piped up, "how are we going to get home? That is the important question!"

"I don't have an answer for that one either. Our best bet is to just stick around and hope that Elrond or Gandalf will have some ideas."

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