It seems like I'm in a permanent dream, being with the most perfect man and finally realizing that we were meant to be. Even with an obstacle that would change my family and my relationship with her. My sister.

However as with most gorgeous men you always have problems, and that problem was my sister. My sister who in the eyes of all men is a goddess, and by god did she know it. What I didn't realise upon my moving to the city of Forks that was under a constant cover of cloud, that it would not only would it change my life in a way I was not entirely comfortable with, but also that it would change the relationship with my father who I had not gotten and great deal of a chance to get to know, but also with my sister who I had swore with, that no man would ever come between us.

When I came to this place I thought it would change my perspective on life, and get to know my father and sister who I had not been able to because of my parents divorce. I also believed that I would have a great time with my sister and her friends who she had spoken to me able with great admiration.

Oh how wrong I was.