I thought that now we all know what the main female character is like I will introduce the Cullen's, Hale's and of course Rosalie. Emmett will be a min POV like Bella, but as with most stories they aren't everywhere so I'll try to make sure all characters get a chance to be viewed.

Chapter 2 - My way of life


"Oh God Em… right there… uhhh.. Keep going, ahh"

I looked down at the withering woman below me and moaned as my release came closer

" Shit Rose….so tight…I'm gonna cum…. FUCK"

She shook harder as her release came close. I moved my hand to her bundle of nerves and rubbed furiously, and thrust into her faster as I edged her to cum.

"God Em, please cum with me…..uhhh. HOLY CRAP"

I muffled my cries of pleasure in the crook of her neck, as I thrust into her one last time as I released inside of her.

I fell on top of her for a split second before I released that I could crush her with me weight alone. I rolled off and laid on my back next to Rose, who as me was breathing heavily.

It may seem like a players way of life, but I wouldn't classify myself as one. Yes I may sleep with different women now and again, but I just can't see myself being tied down by one woman., too much constriction and to be honest they never seem to hold my attention for too long.

The woman beside me at the moment is Rosalie Swan, some-one who I fuck on a regular basis. I mean she has it all, the body, looks and fiery personality that I look for in a woman. But I've never felt that our relationship could go beyond friends with benefits.

The ideal woman for me I would say is like rose in some way but I'm looking for some-one with more of a compassionate relationship, almost like a mother. May sound like I'm a bit of pussy, looking for some-one who can be a great mum, and sexy at the same time. But I guess that's what I want, and I don't believer anything will change that fact, no woman and no-one will change that.

I'm Emmett Cullen, age 17 and I'm just about to start my last year at the shit hole that is Forks high school. Yes I do have a sex life and a damn good one at that, and who can blame me, a 17 year old boy with pussy almost shoved in my face everyday, perfect. I'm larger than most men my age, mainly because of football and because of gods good graces. I have two siblings by the names of Edward and Alice. Edward like me enjoys a variety of ass but still tries his hand at relationships, that always end in him getting caught with his dick shoved up another pussy. Also like me no woman can ever hold his interest, not for long anyway.

Alice however if the complete opposite of Eddie and me. She's at the moment in a serious relationship with a good friend of mine, Jasper Whitlock. She a little pixie of a girl standing only at 5'10 with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes just like me. She has a compulsion to shop whenever she has a chance and she to thank for that is our dad's credit card. Eddie boy on the other hand got his eyes from our mum which are a bright emerald colours and a rare hair colour of bronze.

My parents are what I think all kids look for in parents, loving but strict and hold an interest in what's happening in their children's lives.

Esme my mother is kind, laid back and best of all a fantastic cook. (what can I say I love food). She currently works as an interior designer that works from home so when dad's away she's always there. My dad Carlisle works as a doctor at Forks hospital and is some-one I would never be embarrassed to be seen out with, unlike most teenagers my age with their parents.

Although they may not agree on mine and Eddie's way of life, they try to accept us for they way we are now, and never stop reminding us that some day a woman will be able to tie us down. Of course we laughed at that.

I was pulled out my thoughts by Rose's arm moving up and down my torso. Rose was a great lay now and again, but god was the woman persistent she's always wanted a relationship with me, but I cant seem to get use to her bad attitude problem and if this is hard to believe her ego has to be twice the size of mine alone. Most definitely not the kind of woman I would be with of ever consider having a serious relationship.

Rose looked up at me asked in her most seductive voice "Wow Em, umm you know we have a little under an hour before we have to go welcome my sister, do you want to go again?"

I took back to urge to roll my eyes at her one course mind, and withdrew her arm and reached the get my pants and shirt.

I looked back at her shocked face and explained " Rose with the amount of time it takes to get to your house and for you to get ready your sister should be there by then, I'll meet you down stairs with the rest of the guys"

I didn't give her the chance to answer back as I turned my back and closed my door on her. I cold hear faint moans and cries coming from Eddies room and laughed quietly to myself what slut has given herself to Eddie boy this time.

I remember about a month ago when Rose announced to use that her sister was letting her mum and new husband to husband to tour America for his job, which I think she mentioned he was a minor league baseball player. I thought and still think at the time that if she was anything like her sister then I was going to have some fun. Bus as the moth went by I realized if she has the same personality as her sister then all she would be good for is a fuck now and again, and as persistent as her sister.

When we asked her what she looked like and what she's like, Rose looked at her with confusion and mentioned she hasn't seen her sister since we moved here, and that her dad went on vacation with her and Rose could never be bothered. I was taken back by her attitude but

I've never known her to be close to any-one but herself, so I don't know why I was surprised. Eddie like me was excited for the new piece of ass to lighten up our lives at Forks, Jasper was curious.

Alice's response was not a surprise as she exclaimed that new girl we learned was Bella, was going to be her best friend. I laughed at the enthusiasm of my little sister and rolled my eyes. She was always predicting stuff and always had a knack for how things would go. Rose, even though she doesn't know her sister very well and acted like she didn't care, was nervous and almost as excited as Alice as to what her sister would be like.

I made my way down the flight of stairs and was welcomed with my sister and best friend snuggling on the sofa, and it almost made me wish that I had something like that, but quickly dismissed the thought and made my self known with clearing my throat.

I bumped knuckles and turned to my sister with a huge grin which she knew was my way of saying I'm just about to piss you off with another one of my sarcastic comments.

" Hey Lil sis, I'm surprised your down here already shouldn't you and Rose be discussing what shirt would look better with whatever pants or skirt you decide to wear, I mean if you decided to move a hair out of place you'll have to change your whole outfit correct?"

"Fuck off Emmett your jokes aren't funny, and you have no idea how hard it is for some-one like me who is very fashion concise, as to what I want to wear, just cause you don't care don't care what you wear doesn't mean every-one else wants to dress like a slob."

Ouch, but I have to admit, what I wear for the day isn't exactly at the top of my list. And luckily for me women don't care what I wear cause most just care about getting them off. I smiled smugly to myself at the thought of fucking another slut later today.

But unfortunately for me my sister had to interrupt my pleasant thoughts with her way of knowing what I'm always thinking about.

"Emmett, take that smug look of your face, you know we're spending time with Rose's sister to show her round Forks and to make her feel welcome, so please for once in you life stop think with you dick"

Stupid pixie always knowing what I want, but I mean who the hell can blame me, so I just disregarded her comment and fell onto the sofa between her and jasper, I swung my arms over both their shoulders just cause I know its pisses them off.

"How are you kids doing today, anything interesting on the news" I said with a stupid grin on my face just to tick my sis off.

About 10 seconds later as I predicted she yanked herself out of my grasp and strode upstairs muttering something about helping Rose change.

Jasper turned to me with an annoyed look, but with a hint of a grin playing on his mouth.

"God Emmett if you just wanted to piss her off that much you might as well burn her clothes. DO you ever get bored of trying annoy whenever your around her?"


He just laughed at my one work answer and went back to watching the game that was currently playing, it was the mariners against some minor team.

It was only 20 minutes later that we heard the slam of a door two stories up and the shouting of Eddie's currently slut either moaning that he wont commit or just annoyed that he just doesn't give a fuck about her.

Me and Jasper laughed to ourselves and the girl ran down the stairs to the living room, which we were currently in. Turned only to see who was there and strode out of the door with her skirt the wrong way and her shirt covering her breasts. I just lost it then a bust out laughing as my younger brother strode down the stairs topless with a smug smile that showed it was as much fun for him and it was for us to watch.

" Little Eddie, I wonder what reason was it this time that you latest slut decided to start slamming our doors on her way out" I questioned as got my breath back after my round of howling with laughter.

He looked my way and shrugged his shoulders " don't know, she wanted me to start seeing her exclusively, and that I stop with the other girls, so I just told her it straight that she broke up with me for a reason because I wont commit so I told her to either deal with the way we are now of to get the fuck out of my house. I guess she chose the latter"

Jasper decided to make himself known then and asked a question I'm not sure if Eddie even knew "Which one was she again, I cant remember from all your failed relationships?"

He looked puzzled for a minutes before he came up with his unsure answer

"umm, I think it was Sarah or Lesley, I forgot, so sue me"

I just rolled my eyes, at least I remember the names, I'm not surprised to find that he just fucks them without a name and disappears the next day.

" On another topic Jasper can you go get your girlfriend and Rose, It's her sister and still she's taking forever to find an outfit" Eddie boy asked. As if he didn't know the answer.

" By the way Emmett has Rose told you anything about her sister, and if she's as hot as Rose is I wouldn't mind a new piece of ass around here I'm getting bored from the same sluts everyday"

I looked at Edward as if he had two heads. Talk to Rose, is he kidding me we only really have a physical relationship and only a few words spoken between us around out friends. The only reason we hang out if cause she's good friends with Alice and I hang around with Jasper, so the possibility of us hanging out was kinda obviously.

"No Eddie, she hasn't, and I'm with you there, they are sister so its not like she's going to be an ugly fuck, but I wont make any plans until we see her"

He laughed at my comment and sat on the chair to the left to watch the game as well.

Half an hour later pixie girl and friend in tow walked down the stairs finally from spending most of it in front of the mirror. Rose looked like she was ready to go clubbing, yeah she looked hot but sometimes it does go over the top the way she's always out to impress.

Alice skipped to Jaspers side and I went to get my keys for my jeep, so that we could all ride together.

Eddie luckily choice shotgun so I didn't have to deal with the glares Rose was sending my way now and again. While Alice and Rose spoke about whatever they do, japer moved his head between mine and Edwards seats to chat about the game in a few weeks that will be against the Lash push's high school football team. I only wanted to beat the team because of one guy. Jacob Black. A cocky fucker who will take any chance he gets the piss me the hell off.

" The only think I give a fuck about if giving that Black kid and good kid the balls" I growled

"God Emmett leave Jacob alone his a family friend and you don't need to be such a dick about it just because he reported you to my dad about your parties" and this time Rosalie decided to interfere. So I just ignored her and went back to my conversation with Eddie and Jasper.

It only takes 20 minutes to get to the swans and I know the place pretty well so well made it just before the other Swan was expected to arrive. I parked in their drive way and noticed the Chief swan was not home and thank fucking god, I forgotten how many times that dick has arrested me for the parties, and races my family love to have in out cars.

Just as I was getting out of my jeep I heard of the roar of an engine that could only belong to the bike that I has been begging my parents to get my for the past year and a bit, but as they think I'm not responsible enough. What a load of bullshit they just don't want me drive faster than I already do.

It's a Suzuki Bandit 1250 S ABS, a fucking delicious bike, and I wanted to know who drove it straight away. However what I wasn't expecting was the body of a goddess, and she was riding my dream bike. All I wanted to know whs the fuck was the woman who caught my attention just by her choice of transport.

We all stood like a bunch of idiots as the girl pulled in next to us a few meters away, with a taxi cab in tow. He swung her never ending legs over, and turned her head to look at the twats that were gawking at us.

And by god who could us, she was Gorgeous, in a league of her own with her luxurious mahogany hair fall in waves nearing her waist, and the deepest chocolate brown eyes that gave her an innocent look. Her body was that of a well developed body that had all the curves in the right place, and the height above my sister but shorted than rose. Her swell breasts looked like they would fit my hands perfectly. After a few seconds she broke eye contact with me.

It was then I realized that she was Rose's sister, they had the same type of body, and sexy confidence, but what made her different was she was innocent but a sexy vixen, she also had mahogany hair that I preferred than blonde. My god she was here to kill me with just her body.

I can't wait to see if her personality is anything like Rose's.

I glanced to the side to see Alice bouncing with excitement and joy, Jasper was eyeing the new girl just like me but I could tell he was just getting a look at her. Rose was that of excitement and I could tell a bit of jealously of the gorgeousness of her sister, and Eddie like me was checking out the new piece of ass and turned to me with a shit eating grin on his face. This is going to be fun.

Just then the angel introduced us was an angelic voice that was confident was sweet.

" Hey I'm Bella" she spoke for the first time to us.

Down below my Dick was celebrating the new arrival of the beautiful creature, but my head was thinking.

Shit I'm in trouble.

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