Title: Dear Santa

By: Alzilur

Beta: Kichijouji

Fandom: Inuyasha

Summary: Shippo writes a special letter to a special person.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or its characters and I made no profits from this story except for the enjoyment of sharing them.

AN: I know this is late but I just got this idea a few minutes ago so pls be gentle. I was actually trying to squeez out something for new year instead I got this.

Dear Santa,

My name is Shippo, I don't celebrate Christmas and I'm not even human. But Kagome said that you're a very good guy and that you grant wishes and give presents to all. Kagome is gone now but I still remember her word for word and I didn't really mean it when I scoffed at you when she told me about Santa Claus and Christmas. I think she'd be very proud of my writing now, can you give her that message? I can't reach her through this time.

Oh sorry, this is not why I wrote this letter.

I have a wish and I have been very good all year long so you must grant me my wish.

I wish for Inuyasha to smile like he used to.

Can you do that? By the way, he's not human either…Kagome said you wont mind…you don't do you? He's a brat sometimes but he's okay.

I think Inuyasha lost his smile sometime after Kagome left, Miroku always said that Kagome took his smile back with her.

Maybe she did…can you fetch it back from her?

I know I said he's annoying but he's starting to act like his half brother. So please give him his smile and I promise I'll be good next year too.

Thank you Santa.