Title: Exorcismus: Expedio

Author: Starfleetofficer1

Summary: The agents investigate a triple homicide that turns into an encounter with a demon.

Category: X-file

Rating: PG-13

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Spoilers: Seasons 1-7, VS15 episode "A Reason To Believe"

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Many of the characters in this fanfiction are based on real people. This fanfiction is loosely based on a true story.






"Let's get him up on the gurney. Ready, one, two, three."

"BP 100/60, a little lower than we'd like it."

"Dealing with a head trauma, that's to be expected. Sir? Sir, can you hear us?"

Mulder opened his eyes and saw two blurry figures looming over him. A little man in his skull was attempting to escape and had just decided to skip the rubber mallet and go right for the sledgehammer. The rest of his body felt sore and at the moment, everything hurt. He remembered the orange eyes, and the black figure right in front of his car before he swerved just a block from Kingsburry. "Scu…" he started, ignoring the fact that an oxygen mask was on his face.

He felt someone reach into his jacket pocket and pull out his wallet. "Got an ID. Agent Fox Mulder, FBI," the paramedic said. "Fox, you were in a car accident. We're loading you onto an ambulance now. You're going to be all right. Can you give us someone to call for you?"

"Scu…Scully," he said finally, closing his eyes with exhaustion.

"Wait up a second!" A third voice yelled, and a police officer ran over, carrying Mulder's cell phone. "Here's the phone. Might have his ICE contact in it."

"Thanks," the paramedic said, and closed the ambulance doors behind him. "Scully, you said? I'll find him in the phone book. Relax, Fox. You're gonna be all right." He flipped the phone open, and started scrolling through contacts.

The other paramedic was sticking him with a needle and Mulder was starting to get agitated. As things got clearer, he realized he shouldn't be in the back of this ambulance—he should be at Kingsburry, getting Arthur Greenwood out of there before he did something stupid. The 8-year-old, in Mulder's opinion, had been brainwashed by his very Christian parents into thinking that it was his duty to fight off a force none of them understood.

"Wait—Arthur," Mulder said.

"Relax, Agent Mulder. We're gonna get you to the hospital, and we'll call Scully for you. You're a very lucky man—that crash could've been a lot worse."

The other paramedic, who kept calling him Fox, much to Mulder's annoyance, was now on the phone with Scully. He could hear her furious and concerned voice demanding what hospital he was being taken to…again. He tried to focus, but found his eyes slipping shut, and the sound of the paramedics' voices dimming. Soon, he heard nothing at all.






He didn't know at what point he fell asleep, or unconscious, but the next thing he knew he was in a hospital bed waking up to Scully's prize-winning smile once more.

"Sorry," he said.

"Don't be," Scully answered. "You finally got your wish. The role reversal's over."

He smiled slightly, and tried to sit up. He gasped and his bandaged arm immediately went to his chest as he grimaced in pain.

"Take it easy," Scully said immediately. "Slow movements."

She helped him elevate the bed just slightly with the remote, and he asked, "How bad?"

"A concussion, some nasty scrapes on your arms, and a hell of a bruise on your ribs, but otherwise, you lucked out."

"Thank God for airbags…" His own statement caused a flash of recognition to pass over his eyes. "Arthur! Scully, what happened with Arthur? What time is it?"

Scully's smile dimmed. "Mulder…they can't find him. They've searched the entire campus, but he's not there. The lower school nurse isn't there either. There was no sign of a struggle, and he left his locker closed and locked behind him. His mother and father think the demon's led them away from the campus."

"What do you think?" Mulder asked, sensing her obvious skepticism.

"I think Arthur and Janet Thompson, the nurse, have left the campus in pursuit of what they believe to be a demon. And I can't vouch for whether it is or isn't. But we have to find them, obviously. Mrs. Greenwood told me that Nurse Thompson is one of the few 'believers' in the community, and that she would have offered protection to Arthur. I think they're both under the impression they can stop this thing, whatever it is."

"So we have two delusional, crusading civilians out there chasing a demon. A real demon."

Scully raised an eyebrow.

"I've seen it multiple times, Scully. Orange eyes, a black kind of body—not concrete. It flashed in front of my windshield. That's why this accident happened." Mulder started to get up, but Scully pushed him back down.

"Mulder, your memory of the accident is going to be fuzzy. You took a huge bump to the head and were unconscious for an hour and fifteen minutes."

"Better than my usual MO," he countered. "And I remembered those just fine, too."

"There were a dozen witnesses. You tried to change lanes, and the car in your blind spot sped up at the wrong time. You weren't at fault. And neither was a demon. It was just a car accident."

"Those witnesses are wrong, Scully," Mulder insisted, his temper rising. "And we need to get to Kingsburry."

"You need to stay put for twenty-four hour observation," Scully argued. "I'm not bending on this. I'll go to Kingsburry, I'll bring the Greenwoods here—whatever you want me to do. But you're not leaving this hospital for twenty-four hours."

They stayed locked in a death glare for a few moments, and then Mulder conceded. "Fine, but just twenty-four hours. Do we have the Madison FBI office searching the area?"

"We've got an Amber alert and missing persons alert in every convenience store, church, and office building in the state."

"Good," Mulder said, slightly satisfied. "Can you bring the Greenwoods here? I need to talk to them about Arthur."

She nodded. "They're still at Kingsburry, talking to the police, but I'll tell them you need to speak with them. Get some rest until I get back, okay, partner?"

Mulder rolled his eyes, but nodded. It wasn't long before he was asleep.






Arthur sat huddled in a small ball, his cell phone playing the Christian song he had downloaded, while the school nurse rubbed his back affectionately and let him cry. What he had seen had come true. Agent Mulder had gotten hurt. It was his fault—he had failed to stop it from happening. He had failed to stop the demon.

"Arthur, you have to be brave. It'll see you upset and it'll know it's won. If you don't act upset, it can't see," Nurse Thompson said.

The abandoned church had not been condemned, and had been easy to park behind and sneak into. The pews were dust-covered and the pulpit was cracked and about ready to fall apart. Janet Thompson and Arthur sat against a wall, under a stained-glass window picturing Mary with baby Jesus.

"I wish my mom and dad were here," Arthur said.

Janet nodded. "I know. We'll go back and find them as soon as the demon's gone. But Arthur, your mother and I know each other very well, and I know she would trust me to keep you safe while they protect Cory."

"Why can't Mom come and Dad can watch Cory?"

Janet smiled softly. "You want your mom here because she has Discernment too, huh?"

Arthur nodded carefully. "How'd you know?" He asked, clearly surprised.

"Because I also have that gift from God. And I knew you were coming to the Infirmary as soon as I saw Agent Mulder's car run off the road, on my computer screen. Arthur, I want to help you, but Cory needs your mom's protection right now. And your dad's support."


"Because Cory is little, and vulnerable at this point. He's going to need someone with Discernment to keep the demons away. And between the two of us, we can get this demon out of Bloomfield Hills."

"How? How do you get a demon to go away other than play Christian music? 'Cause we can't play Christian music through the whole city."

"We'll have to convince it that as long as we're here, it isn't welcome."

"How?" Arthur asked insistently.

"I'm not sure yet," Janet admitted. "But we first have to find it, and that shouldn't be too hard. It seems to find us, after all."

"Do you think we should go back to Kingsburry, and set a trap?"

"I think that's an excellent idea. But we need to plan first. Put your cell phone on a loop so that music doesn't stop playing. Okay?"

Arthur nodded, and obeyed.

"All right, now let's talk about Kingsburry, and where the best place to set a trap might be."